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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. ME THREE!

    lol at the subtitles saying barbie island
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  2. Episode 3 is up!

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  3. A'whora going for a "jerk with a heart of gold" persona but just coming off as calculated and deeply toxic is it.
  4. "Joe's gone home - he was a threat; Cherry's gone home, and she... Was here."
    I love Tia.
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  5. The mini challenge is a scream!
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  6. Still watching the episode but I feel like Tacye was genuinely saying some cute and friendly shade, but I guess she isn’t friendly enough with Lawrence for it to come across like that
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  7. K94


    I forget Sister Sister is there bless ha heart
  8. An aside, but I think this completes my top 4 entrance looks alongside Raja, AS2 Roxxxy and AS4 Valentina? Just pure fucking star power, my god.
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  9. I'm still waiting for the intern to upload episode 3 on WowPresents.
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  10. K94


    I know the girls are already changing their Grindr name to Versy Percy.
  11. What. A. Rollercoaster. This series is not letting me BREATHE.
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  12. Hearing Ginny's reason of why they wear yellow has endeared them a bit to me.
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  13. Asttina really reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it. Not Azalea Banks (like some people have said on Twitter) but I feel like it’s someone from 00s pop or something. Every time I see her I’m like I know that face! Don’t suppose anybody has a clue and can put me at pease?
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  14. Keisha Buchanan?
  15. K94


    I hate that Ginny feels forced to go for a hyperfeminine aesthetic because that's all Ru and Michelle know.
  16. I'm screaming at that lipsync and winner... They set Asttina's ass UP!
  17. Well...
    Tia Kofi breaking her knees to win a lip-sync. Classic drag race!!! I love it
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  18. Fuck me at that bottom two, AND the person sashaying away!

    If the winner of the lip-sync gets any hate online cause they stayed over the other queen I'll be very upset though...
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  19. Another fantastic episode.
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  20. Fleur East hun. X
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