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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. If only the Boulet's could bring Dragula to the UK, I feel like Cherry would've felt more in her element.
  2. BTG


    Did Ellie do anything in that challenge? Easy bottom two.
  3. I often doubt the eliminated queens’ looks from Instagram would be the ones to actually appear on the runway months prior.
  4. Honestly I think Snatch Game is going to be a mess and I can't wait.

    Sister Sister, Ellie and Veronica all struggled this week and if they are all still there be interesting to see what they can pull out the bag.
  5. BTG


    Bimini stony faced watching Sister lip sync is a whole ass mood.
  6. Four episodes in and I've been shocked by the outcome every single week. I can't say that about any other series of Drag Race! This cast is just the best.

    Bit sad that Kim Wilde finally got a lip sync song and it boiled down to my least favourite contestant throwing herself around the stage alone though.
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  7. I think she was heading for a win this week but her outfit, brain aside let her down. She was the best in the challenge along with Bimini
  8. Ellie Diamond has Sasha Belle "I cracked the code" energy.
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  9. We love the drama don't we girls?

    It was certainly an episode of television. The mini challenge was fine but I enjoyed the morning show more than the way they usually do those challenges.

    Ellie trying to have her something on my face moment and instead falling flat on it. We love to see it.

    The runway was... a bit wild but I feel like the girlies got their kicks from it so good for them. Veronica's pig thing was lush and Lawrence's face melt thing was brilliant. I did feel like this was going to be A'Whora's week to win so was a little gagged with things there but a worthy winner for sure.

    For a look queen, Tayce came out fairly basic. I was expecting a lot more from her, especially after her Welsh dragon runway.

    Tia had her best week for looks. I hope the girlies get themselves some new outfits in lockdown, make the most of the break.

    Ginny being in the bottom felt very... not it. Especially when Ellie is right there. It's a shame to see her leave before Snatch Game but I feel she's got her platform now and will continue to shine.

    Sister Sister really tried in that lip sync, but she just brings nothing to the competition at this point.
  10. I think Ellie did over-step the mark a bit as well, teebs.
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  11. Well they've said in the promo that some girls really step it up when they come back and some slide, so who knows what is going to happen in the remaining episodes

    The Ginny moment in any normal series would be 'the' moment but now the lockdown break is what will drive the attention
  12. Bimini's reasoning for Pamela Anderson not going to hell "because she's vegan" is why the Bimhive will always stay stanning at 101%.
  13. I thought you all said Sister was boring/Forgettable, what's this then!
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  14. Some odd decisions this week.
    - Leaving Tia safe when she was just as good as Awhora and looked fantastic for once (I predicted a double win)
    - Giving Laurence the win when she was the weakest of the top three AND the only one who already had a win
    - Putting Ginny in the bottom when she was quite funny really, just a bit much

    Still, Ginny swanning off leaving Sister to lipsync her arse off on an empty stage was a good laugh. Also chuckled at Veronica fiercely defending her talent muffled by an enormous pig snout.

    Bimini is fast becoming my favourite. Hope they're not giving Laurence Gigi/Rita syndrome where they overpraise her to a point where she can't keep up.
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  15. This weeks mini challenge was so painfully unfunny they should all be ashamed of themselves
  16. After stanning Ginny pre-season she's been a bit disappointing, and I really didn't feel the giving up and walking away, it wreaks of insecurity and defeatism to me, and just makes me think she's wasn't ready. Saying that she wasn't bottom two by a long shot so part of me thinks production knew what she was going to do (but then again we saw her practicing in the mirror).

    Also, I haven't read that many pages back, so this may have been said. But why do they refer to Lawrence as he/him in drag? Is that something they prefer?
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  17. It needed to be in drag, I don't understand why it wasn't.
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  18. Ginny telling Lawrence to shut up was delicious I must say
  19. Lawrence deserved that win. A’whora’s runway wasn’t as good as her performance and that’s what caused her to come second
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  20. Might be an unconscious thing because she uses a boy's name? I do it sometimes.
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