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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. The episode was so good and I'm praying MNEK sells the UK, Hun instrumental to a K-Pop group or sumn because it's a bop. The United Kingdolls were... incredible. Bimini with that pink cowboy hat, she just gets it.
    A'whora was amazing as well, I'm sorry to say.
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  2. Not Ru being so blinded by BiWINi's magnificence, she thought it was Ellie Diamond who had star power.
  3. The US seasons have taught us that expensive garments can't save flop queens, so...
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  4. Can a cig in the H&M social media department tweet 'Fuck my drag, right?' @RuPaul ASAP please!
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  5. As blunt as Ru was, you don't get invited back and then openly try to joke during critiques about it just being a H&M dress ddd I feel like Joe coming back was... worse than her leaving first episode
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  6. It was a bit “pink / pretty clothes are beneath me” yes.
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  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I think most of them wanted Joe back because he already has a reputation outside of the show, they like him and thought it was the fairest outcome as he got to show the least of what he had. But he's just not a good fit for the show. There's talent, there's some great drag and amazing outfits buuuuut he's a cabaret queen. And great at it, but he has one shtick; vampy Gloria Swanson/Glenn Close. Doesn't have the range, dear. Doesn't have the range. He can't cope with anything that has a tempo.

    I hated the editing on the stony faces of the judges when Bananadrama were on, it felt like it was taken from something else entirely and slotted in just to signpost this is the losing team within 23 seconds. Obviously they weren't great, but I refuse to believe the judges sat there looking that miserable through their performance.

    I love Tia for being slightly shit. She's a brilliant personality and deserves to be on there but her drag up to know just hasn't been good. The minute she stepped out in the ice cream outfit I just went "Nooooooo!" because you knew it was going to be ripped apart. Her lipsync was a fucking mess, her personality won it for her, plus Ru being so incensed about H&M.

    The extreme close-ups of the confessionals were jarring. I don't understand what Covid safety measure would result in that. Shouldn't they be even further back if anything? I guess it gave us chance to see that Sister Sister had all the gaps between her teeth removed. They looked like that train ticket teeth meme from a few years ago.

  8. So do we think Sister saw Awhoras dress abs thought she’d do the same because she thought she’d be gone or?
  9. Everybody's been doing emails seagulls/wind!

    Also SCREAMING at Cherry being like I've been a frontline worker during this pandemic and you've probably clapped for me more than once from your doorstep please let me back and getting zero votes. I feel like she could have also done well (better than Joe) with a second chance.
  10. Ok but who is that
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  11. Surely she would have known it was the first challenge back and A'Whora hadn't been eliminated.

    There is so much going on in the work room. I'm not sure I'd have known what someone else has unless they specifically showed it to me.
  12. Sister Sister's outfit looked rotted even without Awhora's next to it ddd
  13. Yeah I was curious as to the thought process behind that. Because she couldn't have done it, thinking nobody would clock her for it. That whole situation was crazy. And it was a total fucking fail because A'Whora's was miles better. It was very much a pro vs cheap knock off situation.

    But they definitely do discuss each other's outfits. There was a whole conversation about how they'd all seen A'Whora's outfit and they all knew Sister had brought a Baywatch outfit the first time. That wasn't accidental.
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  14. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    It was the best image Google gave me of what I was looking for, and I chose it because I KNEW you'd ask that x
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  15. I'm not suggesting we shouldn't discuss things, just to bear in mind that it's much easier to criticise what other people are doing when they don't have to do it themselves.

    This wasn't about you.
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  16. H&M found going into administration.
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  17. That whole hour completely belonged to Bimini and Tayce so the result annoyed me but whew! An episode of television.

    Also MNEK should be a permanent judge.
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  18. Say that again?

  19. I'll be dropping "Tia lipsyncing despite delivering one of the best vocals of the night" in my pile of arguments that the runway should never determine the bottom 2.
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  20. [​IMG]
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