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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I honestly hate the whole "boozy granny" drag persona. Joe really thought he was doing something with that Mr Charles shite but it just read as forced and corny the whole time. The straight girls are really eating him up on the socials for whatever reason but noT me

    *pantomime villain voice* Glenn CLOS-

  2. I am surprised Veronica is still considering whether or not to return for season three, I thought it was a given. You get double the publicity, time to work up some coin and come up with great lewks & practice your act. I hope she’s just pretending as I do want to see her back!
  3. The documentry was good. There was too much Joe Black for my taste but the section with Veronica talking about her depression was really impactful as were the sections with Cherry talking about their experiences.

    Bimini talking about the impact in the loss of the LGBTQ venues was really striking and I do really think and just so, so, sad.
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  4. Veronica is actually a big loss. I really enjoyed her and I just know she was about to give these girls absolute hell! There’s nothing like a theatre monster.
  5. BTG


    I don’t remember life before Bimini.
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  6. Does she just have an invite for S3 alone? This belongs more in the COVID thread really but Winter 2021 - when the series is projected to be airing - is going to be rough. And still have the issues the girls have had with bookings. If I had free licence I'd go for 4. Or even just holding out for an all stars.
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  7. Cant stop thinking of Bimini buying A SINGLE CHAIR over lockdown and working on her acrobatics. I think I just went for walks
  8. I really enjoyed the documentary. I work in psychiatric services so totally relate with what Cherry was saying.

    Also, Ginny is in a THRUPPLE. WUT. Legend.
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  9. It's not like she wins any money on the show. And maybe she's got another paying job.
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  10. This is a lot easier said than done. I'm not sure when they're going to be filming the season, but I assume soon – there isn't a lot of time (or opportunities) to save money, prepare for the challenges etc. And this is before we even consider the mental health impact this whole situation must have had on her. Watching the Lockdown episode, seeing her struggle with depression, then get better during the summer and THEN not being able to go back... it was heartbreaking and we just don't know what effects this rollercoaster of events had on her. If she didn't feel like returning, I would understand her completely. I wish her all the best.
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  11. You are both right, I completely forgot they’re supposed to be airing two seasons this year (which I think is a mistake but that’s another conversation).
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  12. I think I might be the only one here who feels this way (I don't know if I just had a bad day while watching the episode) but I felt like with the break during filming, the momentum and the flow of the season has been totally ruined. In addition with the departure of Veronica, I feel like what was turning out to be a perfect season of drag race has been kind of tainted (with no fault of the girls and with total understanding of the global situation.) The episode was fun but I couldn't shake the feeling of a ruined first time, authentic, innocent experience of drag race. Again, it's all very understandable and they adapted as best as they could. It just felt a bit off.
  13. This quote from Veronica Green's Goodbye Message on the Drag Race UK instagram page (sorry, can't work out how to embed it!)

    "So in the mean time I'm cheering you all on from the comfort of my own home, with unlimited teas and coffees from my fiancee, er... that's his punishment for being the cause of me having to drop out the race"

  14. Conversely I felt like a couple of them came back with a really renewed aura, like Lawrence in particular went from ‘if you’re gonna get that butthurt, maybe you should finish!!’ (which I did enjoy) to just being a lot more full of the joys of spring, seeming more easygoing. My reading could be wrong. But I suspect, as with everything, that there were pros and cons to the break for the queens.
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  15. I think Tayce especially has come back really renewed. He is such a joy to watch.
  16. I was thinking future seasons could benefit from a break. Get the girls out of the pressure cooker, let them readjust, and give us more opportunity for surprise in the second half of the season. Dragula sorta does this (the girls tend to have a week "off" to pull together a floor show, including looks), and I think it helps. My hunch is Thailand, the best of the franchise, has a pretty irregular filming schedule too.
  17. Dd Zoe ball on the radio this morning calling it “possibly the best episode of Drag Race she’d seen” and not wanting to spoil anything for Claire from Steps who was catching up later today
  18. I agree, I wonder if they had not had the break, Tayce and Lawrence in the dance rehearsal would have gone a different way. Tayce was so kind and patient (from what we saw) and that seemed to really help the place Lawrence was in and give them belief. Without the break and under pressure maybe that would have played out differently. I really loved to see it as a bonding moment.
  19. The show doesn't like bonding moments though, does it, it likes arguments. "Getting the girls out of the pressure cooker" is exactly why they don't do it.
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Tia Kofi was definitely stand out in Bananadrama in looks, rap verse, and attitude.
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