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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Every single reference would’ve went over Ru’s head and she would’ve been guaranteed a bottom two placement but I still feel cheated of amazing tv.
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  2. Eh... not really. She deserved to be in the bottom for that busted junior figure-skater look, and then she didn't really serve it in the lipsync despite boasting about her skills.

    But her edit kinda reminded me of S7 Trixie where clearly the judges/production had high hopes for her, but one poor week kinda did her in, which actually makes me think they thought the girls would vote her back in as the comeback queen, but underestimated how revered Joe Black is.
  3. Pfft, nah, this is a dumb theory on principle. Why would relaxation and lower-stakes likely ever produce better reality television? This cast is just good enough to keep it afloat anyways.

    Give me US S3 working-the-girls-to-the-bone bloodshed! This is not RuPaul's R&R Race. Thank yew.
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  4. I'm really loving Bimini's Drag Race. I cannot get UK Hun out of my head. I'll be doing something really mundane and suddenly start singing "bing bang bong sing sang song". Help!
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  5. I'm still obsessed with their genius.

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  6. The shoes mama the SHOES.
  7. Bimini’s makeup is also unreal. That face. What a beautiful face.
  8. The wig! The way they move the feathers to suggest pulsation! The avant-garde otherworldly weirdness!
  9. I hope the Popovy Sisters catch wind of Bimini's look and make a doll for her, I'm still floored at how much she looked like one of their creations.
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  10. Trinity must be a really good actress then because the stuff they have done together for BLM and trans movement since have been really good.
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  11. She was literally pretending to be a black, trans woman on Reddit to argue with Drag Race fans.
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  12. In the great words of Diana Devitt-Dawson, Bimini continues to slay effortlessy. Also, who can deny an Allie X stan.

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  13. You... know you can still be a racist and make a show of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, right? People are multi-faceted.
  14. Yay it's Bimini day tomorrow
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  15. R92


    Me knowing I’ll get another episode of Bimini tomorrow


    Me knowing that Tia won’t be in it

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  16. I cannot stop thinking about Bimini's runway last week. Its just phenomenal. One of the greatest outfits to ever grace a Drag Race stage.
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  17. Doesn't Cracker look really sad and flat most of the time recently? Even when she laughs she looks upset (look at the 10.36 timestamp)
    I do love it when the American queens talk about how much they're enjoying this series though!

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  18. I mean, I wouldn't read tew much into this. These girls have had their jobs and livelihoods taken away from them and even getting out of bed is an effort for most people, let alone having to drag up and pretend to be enthused about anything. I don't envy them.
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