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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Yeah, I totally get it. It must be the most stressful of times when it comes to job security for the queens right now.

    I fell in love with Cracker on early series of Review With A Jew as she was so fun and quick-witted but I feel like she had kind of lost that even by the time All Stars came around (God, that was a terrible series wasn't it, bar Jujubee and Shea)...
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  2. Tia is a very good example of a queen who exceeds some of the show's narrow criteria for success as set by Ru. Of course she could have accepted Ru and Michelle's advice to look more glam and polished, but doing so would also confirm their idea that her inability to do so is evidence that she doesn't Believe In Herself, doesn't know how good she is etc. Which... is all very odd since she's actually a fully realised drag queen (more so than a lot of the other girls on the season), and moreover, a queen for whom appearing glam and polished would be antithetical to her drag persona. So Ru repeatedly trying to convince her that she'd somehow be better if she cinched and showed off her Gorgeous Legs and that Delicious Café-Au-Lait Skin felt a bitsy gaslight-y to me.

    Anyway, I hope when she comes back that she does a super glamourous look for the first episode and then goes straight back to her back-of-the-truck couture. The most refreshing and personable and straight-up likeable queen in the whole franchise in years. She deserves the world.
  3. That's not right. Ru was very complimentary of Tia and heaped lots of praise on her, but she said her looks were shit. And she was not wrong. Ru also never told her to cinch her waist, but complimented on how good her body naturally looks.

    It was clear that Tia has loads of charisma but did not come into the competition well prepared. But no judge on the show said she was not a success. She just didn't do well in this competition platform but that doesn't mean she's a failure.
  4. I feel like your second paragraph shows that you and @beyoncésweave basically agree, but I still think they're right on the first point. Ru basically looked at Tia and thought "you're tall and thin just like me, why don't you dress exactly as I do"...which is fine, it's Ru's show after all, and I'm not going to pretend Tia's runways were what made me a fan. But it pretty clearly shows hat Ru wanted to mold Tia in a very, very particular fashion.
  5. To me it just showed the clear distinction between how US drag operates and how UK drag does. British drag has a very rich history of queens being.. unpolished, self deprecating, not necessarily giving a fuck about being perfect or even good at anything as long as everyone's having a great time. This goes right back to the 60s when queer blokes in crap wigs were making grannies laugh in holiday resorts.

    We actively embrace that, and that wonkiness often doesn't chime well with the kind of parameters the Drag Race operates within. I feel like Ginny was maybe a victim of that too.
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  6. Ginny was definitely a victim of that too. It was pretty uncomfortable them being like ‘oH dReSs SeXy!’ all the time. I get Drag Race operates on its own terms, but with the ‘show your legs! Dress sexy!’ Thing, sometimes it’s like...maybe they just don’t want to? Leave them alone ddd.
  7. Drag Race drag*

    Outside of Drag Race and the pageant scene, drag is pretty messy here in the U.S.
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  8. The UK seasons also highlighted how much better the British girls handle humor/shade/jokes on the show. It should be said.
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  9. *Roxxxy Andrews voice*
    Except for Veronica!
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  10. [​IMG]
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  12. Excited for tonight's episode of Bimini's Drag Race!

  13. Me counting down the remaining 7 hours

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  14. Tonight's episode of Bimini Bon Legend's Drag Race is going to be so weird without Tia's stream of iconic confessionals!

    Also Outside In is a bop and I live!
  15. BTG


    The episode is up, girls. Stan Bimini.

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  16. Get your Boulash, all. Let's go!

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  17. A’Whora’s commitment to manufactured beef dddd
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  18. This borderline violent reading challenge like girlies stop threatening death
  19. Awhora and Sister Sister have NO charisma get them AWAY from me
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