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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Bimini looking flawless again.

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  2. Its Jessie Chaaaaney.

    Acknowledged by the Queen herself.

  3. Lawrence being such a Pop enthusiast makes me adore her even more. She is such a funny goofball but then again she doesn't shy away from feeling the fantasy
    and she looks gorgeous doing so.

    Inspiring all-around triple threat and my personal winner of the season.
  4. I'm obsessed with these girls. Alexis' bizarre oil rig boyfriend in Libya?? I still don't know if she was joking.
  5. The way watching IMHO is like the highlight of Drag Race for me. I only consume Season 13 through them now.
  6. R92


    Honestly, I think 95% of my goodwill towards Denali this season of US Drag Race has been due to their unabashed stanning of her and her ice skating video with them last year.

    Also, yass at Lawrence stanning Jessie and her stanning right back.
  7. I’m still screaming at Bimini going ‘Talkin of filler...Ellie, Sister, still need help packin?’
  9. Drag Race UK being named as one of the reasons why BBC Three is coming back to linear TV in 2022 feels right.
  10. Depending on when season 3 airs, I imagine this will cement the shows status as event television.
  11. They're currently filming season 3, with a September/October air date in their sights.
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  12. I wonder if they would start in late October, run the 10 eps through Christmas and have a "live" finale/ reunion like they do on the US version in January to tie into BBC Three coming back to tv and make the finale feel a bit more like an event?
  13. I wonder if Miss Veronica Green is going to be on Season 3. I hated how she didn't want to answer if she was going to come back or not.
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  14. Well, she's been very quiet on social media as of Feb 23, which is when the current rumoured cast all went dark.
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  15. The fact that if Bimini rightfully wins she will have one of the shortest reigns in history… delete it
  16. I get the feeling that production probably told her she couldn't outright confirm that she was coming back. When she was on the Divina podcast they all kept knowingly laughing at her as she had to keep repeating "I've not made my mind up just yet...".
  17. I would go with another January launch - things are quieter then and they are likely to generate more social media buzz, esp if it's one of the launch shows for the linear channel returning
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  18. Yeah the Beeb would be silly not to hang on to the premier for launch night
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  19. It would be a big moment if it were the rebooted digital channel's main launch show and an extremely smart move.

    I'm just not sure, at the speed the franchise moves nowadays, that they'd want the season sitting around unaired for the best part of a year.
  20. I just binge watched Season 2 while the US version had its week off, and I’m scared going back to it is going to be like whiplash.
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