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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. All I could think of for half of this video was this gif nn I'm so sorry

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  2. “Can I borrow your nice new shiny biro RuPeter badge?”
  3. Thinking about the UK version of Drag Race I'm not sure it makes much financial sense. It's a career launchpad but only for those on the top end of the competition.
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  4. Isn't that the same for any version in any country?I know they win money for challenges now on the US version and the $100,000 but don't they have to pay tax on that?
    The show is really used to get a fan base to sell tickets / merch. Or get jobs with brands etc. Sometimes you dont have to get to the end or win to get that. In the US see people like Shangela before All Stars or Vanjie before 11
  5. Well, yes but any money is still better than no money at all surely? Even winning a couple of challenges and getting $5k for each one is better than a shitty badge.

    Yes the exposure is good, if the editors decide to make you look good, but it's a shame the UK queens come out of it with nothing at all by way of prizes.
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  6. Literally @ me next time you bitch.
  7. Let's talk about Bimini's Instagram feed which is keeping the fans fed. Look after look after look!
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  8. This tweet just aged me.
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  9. Why are they pushing this?

  10. Can we start putting spoiler tags on anything that includes having to look at Baga's awful makeup?
  11. *appropriating

    Get your own song huns.
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  12. Society has moved passed the need for the Frock Destroyers
  13. As @munro would say... that's my baby and I'm proud.
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  14. Cherry's just put out her debut single.
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  15. No thank you.
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  16. I honestly watch this everyday like ":)"

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