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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I mean she was just joking around (and said so) so there was no need for them to react like that.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Whew Season 1 really feels so out-dated already huh, only Cheryl stays winning from that lot.
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  3. BTG


    I know we all stanned at the time but the leap in quality from UK1 to UK2 was something else. I wish they could find a way to bring a tenth of that energy to the US show.
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  4. They’ve both apparently apologised to the girl from the original tweet but I did kind of think Divina was better than attacking a fan like that.
  5. Okay, okay, after Down Under has been such a disappointment... I finally started watching UK2.
    Eek... Mad I waited this song. I was just really not interested in watching two Drag Races at once (Now look at me, I'm forcing myself to because Down Under isn't great but i'm too far in to quit and it's kind of a marvelous trainwreck.)

    Only a couple episodes in, this cast has such a great chemistry with each other. I watched UK1 up until like half way through because it was so obvious Vivienne was going to win it just wasn't exciting to watch.
    But watching UK2, I know who wins and it's still fun because there's loads of other really interesting and/or talented queens.
    Plus I just love how kind of rough around the edges some of the queens are, because on US Drag Race they've gotten so elevated that no one looks cheap. But I LIKE some cheap looking drag. Some simple, clearly DIY'ed stuff. Not just look after look of commissioned work. Plus, I feel like Ru enjoys filming UK more than US.
  6. Me hating S1 from the jump while adoring every second of S2. Taste!
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  7. She's coming for Ru's gig.

    she's even got the blurred wig-line down to a tee nn
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  8. I just finished UK2 Snatch Game. This is perhaps one of the best casts of Drag Race ever. Not a single one of them is unlikeable.
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  9. Wow imagine being able to watch this season again for the first time! Lucky you @Gemini
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  10. I liked this but as a little Hydrangea I take umbrage at this assertion!
  11. Yeah i'm kind of mad I waited but also it feels nice to just watch it through on speedrun.
    But this is like a rare Drag Race season where I don't feel like anyone is being edited poorly, or production is being heavy handed in handing unearned wins out. I mean, I know who wins the season and she is VERY clearly Ru's favorite. But I don't feel like the whole season was just made for her. And that's nice. Particularly coming out of Season 13 which was so tailored for Symone and Gottmik to be the frontrunners, And Drag Race Down Under which has the frontrunners returning for no reason and staying after a poor lipsync just because they're a frontrunner and the internet knows them.
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  12. I just finished the season. That. was. the best season. of Drag Race. ever created. The cast was all amazing. EVERYONE was likeable. And the producer fuckery was at an all time minimum.

    I MAY have shed a few happy tears when the final 4 was doing their Little Bit of Love finale challenge and all the eliminated queens came out on stage to join them as a surprise. It's just so nice to see drag be so celebratory in this way and not so argumentative and dramatic.
    And fuck they're just all so talented.
    Ugh I am happy I got around to watching this finally. Now get half these girls on a season of International Drag Race All Stars please.
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  13. Except for 3 of the 4 times Tayce was in the bottom.

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  14. And Lawrence’s entire run after the first episode teebs

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  15. I did too, such a fantastic moment. It all came together perfectly with the way they entered the stage in their color coordinated outfits during a moment when the song got introspective and was ready to rev up again and combined with their as well as our own personal struggles in the past year it was a triumphant moment of resilience in a way. Can't keep a good queen down. One of my all-time favourite Drag Race moments.
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  16. I hear the name Tayce and my Doberman stan instincts take hold. Robbed icon. Graceful queen. Mug of the season. Narrator of the season. Lip sync assassin.
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  17. rdp


    When Ellie Diamond and Tayce were partners in the Rats Rusical and Ellie delivered a bottom worthy performance but they put her in the TOP for serving three looks with the same silhouette... AND put Tayce in the bottom instead when she was much better than Ellie...

  18. I was following Tayce on instagram before Drag Race but I didn't really know anything about her except that she looked like a model. But damn she is really the full package. I'm obsessed with her.
    And BIMINI. What was I doing in my life before they came into it?

    I think I would've preferred A'whora in the top 4 instead of Ellie though. They're both talented in their own way but A'whora just fits into that 4some better I feel.
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