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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I'm sadly not as invested in this season as I was the last, but I knew it'd be so hard to top. But Choriza... she is the moment. A true rose in the season so far, the judging being the thorn.
  2. The looks are a real let down so far. If it wasn't for Krystal the situation would be grim on the runway.

    Charity case is at least interesting but the judges seem to be going hard against her. Despite the fact that nearly everyone else is wearing something you can buy at a costume shop.
  3. Another day, another Vanity’s dry ass wig.

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  4. Drag Race, forever being picky and choosy when the runways matter or not.
    The reasons for Charity being in the bottom were all very random. Drag Race does this all the time and it's just such bad storytelling. No one viewing is convinced that anything they were saying was fair points. Her outfits a different color, her Mel B inspired look wasn't something Mel B would wear despite Emma literally saying she'd love it multiple times.

    The real issue is that Scarlett was by far the worst and they needed to have someone else be judged poorly so that there could even be a lipsync so they just made Charity look way worse than she did. Which just makes it look like they're hating on her. Drag Race does this all the time.
    Should've just had a 4 way lipsync for the win with the team. And just either eliminated Scarlett outright or deemed her the loser but kept her if a non-elimination was inevitable.
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  5. Plus Charity was absolutely right to put her own take on Scary Spice. Imagine if she had come out in an afro!

    That said I would have loved Charity to do Posh Spice, when Posh had just moved to the USA and she had that awful blonde hair, orange tan and tits pushed up to her face.
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  6. The venom they've been directing at Charity is so weird. She's gotten by far the roughest ride this season despite her probably having the second best runways after Krystal and her challenge performances generally being ok. She can't seem to do anything right in their eyes.

    I'm already kind of over this season. It says it all that an Aquaria tribute act is honestly just miles ahead of everyone else at the moment.
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  7. ssa


    I really don't get the critiques from the judges and on here about Charity not nailing the challenge this week.
    I wouldn't get Scary Spice if I saw you at Tesco...
    Agree, but we're in a very specific context, and even if she were out performing without opening her mouth, all it would take for the audience to get the reference would literally be the first second of Wannabe.

    Do we really need to get 10 Queens on TV to cosplay the Spice Girls or whoever is getting the "night of a thousand" treatment?
    It's just such a waste of a creative opportunity.

    Pigtails and a baby blue/pink/white dress?
    Groundbreaking. How on the nose can you be?
  8. I just RuPaul cackled on a quiet train and woke up some wee old man
  9. This season has got some seriously sub par queens!
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  10. But Veronica left last week?
  11. Veronica might not be well liked but she was definitely one of the stronger contestants.

    Choriza is a great narrator for this series but she’s pretty bad on the runway.
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  12. Really? I think this week especially she had one of the better runways out of the whole cast.
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  13. I probably would have put her in the top half for runway looks but only because the bar was so low.

    The main outfit wasn’t cinched enough for impact on the runway. The cheap material draped off her wasn’t draped well enough for movement when she was walking.

    Her verse was also pretty bad. It helped her that some of it was in Spanish so the judges couldn’t understand.
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  14. The fact they filmed this in Feb 2021, and had to get ready for the show through January 2021, during the height of the second lockdown, I think you can forgive some roppy runways.
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  15. Suprised to see no Posh on the runway!

    Would have loved to have seen either her ‘You Better Work’ runway outfit or her Silver glitterball outfit both from ROTSG tour
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  16. I think to successfully meet the criteria for this week’s runway the girls should have presented a look that works as a clear and coherent Spice Girls reference while also wearing something that is specifically them and their brand. Like how Krystal’s look worked as a clear Baby homage while also being something Krystal would actually wear. Derivative or not, her visuals are so sharp and consistent.

    Charity doing Mel B with big cat face paint and a top hat and cane (?..) was so off the mark it ended up looking quite dumb. It wasn’t even wild or weird enough to make up for it. I’m glad she was dragged.
  17. But as others have said, we don't know for sure what the brief originally was. It might have been "inspired by" the Spice Girls. And only during filming became "Night of 1000...", which is something quite different.

    And to be honest, I can believe that as Charity is far and away the most imaginative and creative of the bunch, so I could see her running with that as being inspired by Mel B, while everyone else did a straight up recreation that technically did fit both themes and served them better when the goalposts were moved.

    It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've heard about that exact situation coming up during filming.
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  18. River was wearing a Ginger Spice inspired nappy. She was lucky to be in the winning group.
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  19. She was “lucky” that she performed wonderfully this week? I think the word you mean is talented.
  20. I mean... The real runway theme should've been "Make your own Spice Girl" so it wouldn't get so cosplay-y.
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