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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I think this would make a better design challenge for a future season!
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  2. This season is fine. The only problem for me is that the cast lack the uniqueness. Ella, Krystal, Charity and Scarlett give me Rose/Jan, Aquaria/Miz, Nina Bonina and Blu vibes respectively. Even River is like the Tia Kofi of this season, but that's a good thing.

    Choriza is probably the most unique one but she hasn't served it for me yet.
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  4. Ah well there you go, I missed that. Makes total sense and, as usual, it's total production fuckery.
  5. I would love a queen on stage to say ‘but the brief was…’. It would never make the edit though.
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  6. You’re right, she aced the challenge.
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  7. Today, a friend at a drag brunch turned to me and said what they saw was better than anything they've seen on this season of RPDRUK.

    The casting of RPDRUK feels so indecisive. Season one felt mixed, season two felt perfect, while this season has felt so out of sorts.

    I'm not particularly wild about Krystal, but I can't see anyone winning other than her at this point.
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  8. If you aren't enjoying it no one is making you watch it.

    And if you think these queens aren't good enough. Apply for season 4 and do a better job yourself.
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  9. I agree that the casting is a bit off, but I believe this was cast at a point when Irish and Scottish queens couldn't travel, so the pool of choices was a bit more limited than usual.
  10. I may be biased because I live in Chicago. But real life drag shows are always better than Drag Race. Now, maybe not as expensive looking as Drag Race can be... But always more entertaining and genuine.
    And yeah, Krystal clearly has her shit together the most. But I feel they will try to Ginger Minj-style shove some of the other queens at us once we get into more theatrical challenges.

    I always hate when people say things like this. Sometimes people like to stick through shows to see if they get better. Especially Drag Race which is pretty much a staple franchise in our lives. And to your second point, does this mean we should never be allowed to say anything critiquing drag again? Because we should instead just go on TV and do it ourselves? No one is saying drag is easy, in fact many people have pointed out this was filmed and prepared for during a really hard time for these queens with the pandemic.
    It's a Drag Race UK discussion thread, and just like any other thread on any message board, there will always be people who don't like whatever the topic is. Fingers crossed the season improves though.
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  11. Krystal has had her full top toot of the week p*ssy in her bag for four weeks running. Her cat look was already giving greatest of all time list. Her baby spice barbie brunching at the alps was pretty much a head to toe flaw free zone. She might have the charisma of a bathroom tile but the girl always has my eyes feasting!

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  12. I'd keep in mind the context of when this was filmed. We were just emerging from the lockdown early this year and the queen's hadn't been able to gig and work for months. It's not surprising their resources were more strapped. How things look within the scope of drag race also should be considered. Some materials look worse on TV, and you're standing alongside a group of other queen's in similar outfits.

    Compare that to being at a local bar and it's not entirely equitable.
  13. The season is lacking because there’s a clear front runner with no real competition.

    Krystal could have all 4 wins to be honest.
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  14. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    So… that was Vanity’s “own interpretation” of Mel B? A straight up fancy dress costume with none of the mannerisms or general aura of Mel B?
  15. Maybe Vanity's interpretation was Scary Spice works in accounting. It was a very secretarial tiger power suit.
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  16. I love River and I see why the comparisons to Tia Kofi are made, but Tia is in a completely different league. I think she’s genuinely the funniest queen in the confessionals ever.
  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Still not as bad as Scarlett's "interpretation" of Mel B being... whatever that was.
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I actually really liked Scarlett's Mel B ddd.
  19. Vanity has served nothing but ugly wigs. I lowkey preferred Elektra Fence.
  20. I thought it was a pretty spot on version of this:
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