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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I didn't know the 4 mentors were actually the Steps members until I read this thread afdghds.
  2. But they introduced themselves to the Queens on the stairs before the challenge even started…?

  3. I saw the first two unfamiliar mentors and skipped all the training/recording scenes (as per usual)

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  4. It’s Drag Race UK. Not Drag Race USA (UK Queens Edition)
  5. CC: Most American Queens with podcasts
  6. I swear she hasn't even seen series 2 sdfghxgfadWsfghn.
  7. Speaking of Americans, I would much prefer any international franchise of Drag Race to not have RuPaul and Michelle Visage. I just don’t think they bring anything other than looking confused about local references.
  8. To be fair, this is also true of the US seasons when queens reference anything since the turn of the century.
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  9. No where near as much.
  10. Literally just clicked for me that Kitty Scott-Claus is meant to be a pun on “Kittys Got Claws”

  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I miss Thorgy’s reactions.
  12. The biggest factor with Purse First Impressions/Sibling Watchery was that Bob was a HUGE fan of Drag Race UK and it was a delight to watch someone who was clearly invested in it. Monet could take it or leave it and that really shows, not sure how well the rest of their reviews will go... I miss Bob already!
  13. This is Shakesqueer level of bad
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  14. What a fucking abysmal episode
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  15. Scarlett making sure the judges heard her shit joke, I can't.
  16. Krystal giving me Little Mix realness with that runway look. upload_2021-10-21_19-59-24.jpeg
  17. How did Scarlett get singled out as being the weakest when Charity and Vanity are right there. Her look was also easily in my top 2 of the week? Like her and River were the only two who actually met the brief and looked sensational whilst doing it, there were 3 sparkly bodysuits up there for Christ’s sakes.
  18. RuPaul milking the fact that this group clearly hate each other by making them nominate each other to be voted off?

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  19. This is far more nuanced than my currently l aggrieved state can actually work with but that Untucked moment with Scarlet goes down as a low point of all Drag Race really. One day we'll have a discussion about the neurodivergent on reality shows and how Drag Race falls into the whole 'you're defeated' mob mentality if someone doesn't perform ideally to the expectation of the show. It very literally only has room for extremely homogenised and elite Drag queens, but on a much more subtle level they can't be shown to be having any mental weakness that isn't exposed and then shortly succeeded in a swift two episode arc
  20. Actually no, Shakesqueer was iconic levels of so bad it was good. This was just bad.
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