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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Ru not correcting this was… upsetting

    at least use your old witch powers for SOMETHING
  2. The reading challenge is going to be a hot mess
  3. Should've used the chance to double sashay both of them this week teebs. Symmetry and whatnot

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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'd like Ella's outfit more if the flesh tone fabric wasn't underneath the jewelry.

    Vanity's beat really did look great this episode.

    Kitty Scott-Claus was serving Gemma Collins on the runway ddd.
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  5. What is there to correct? That was the whole joke. She said the Draglexa was wireless- so that there would be no wires hanging.
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  6. It really wasn't.
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  7. I was screaming for Kitty's poo bit. She was selling it.

    I also can't stop thinking about "i'm ready"

  8. I thought it was funny too.

    To be honest the Alexa infomercial isn’t the worst we’ve seen. There have been some bad ones in the US version and remember when RuPaul got the queens Down Under to sell nutritional yeast.

    I just think the whole infomercial challenge should be cancelled completely.
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  9. "Alexa"
    "HEY JUSH!"

    Kills me every fucking timr
  10. My favourite Alexa spoof.

  11. Seeing Kitty on the toilet really hammered home how much she reminds me of Baga from Season One.
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  12. How have I NEVER seen this!!!
    I'm dying
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  13. It's only good when it's like the perfume challenge of season 5 where they have to create their own and then market it in a commercial.
    Of course... the show also chooses terrible things for them to "create their own", as mentioned: Drag Race Australia's yeast.
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  14. The best acting we saw in the episode was Michelle telling Irrella Vantay that he was channeling Gwen Verdon when we all know the mug was giving Bob Fosse.

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  15. [​IMG]
    Low key though, actually a great drag name ddd
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  16. This season....

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  17. It annoys me when the US queens do their reviews of this. They mock or complain when they don't know the guest judges or people making a guest appearance.

    People don't know who some of the people on the US one are, even people from the US.
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  18. Insider tea, I gave her the plaid pun (which has been removed from the caption ddd).
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  19. This season is helping me in my decision to boycott the BBC and it's rapid descent into transphobic messery. Thanks girlies for being underwhelming.
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  20. I don't even know who Michelle Visage is and she's there every episode.
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