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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Why is Scarlett’s scream making me laugh every single stupid time. I hate this show and myself.
  2. I'm gonna say Ru actually has actually never heard of Margarita Pracatan.
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  3. BTG


    I know it’s happened occasionally but this was the first time we’ve seen Ru guide the so many of the queens into changing their choices so openly. And into even worse choices.

    That said, River’s choices were terrible and there was no winning with any of them.

    Why are we doomed never to have an absolutely rotted impersonation of Cilla?
  4. It was all going so well in the Snatch Game and then that to happen in the lipsync dddddddd this season just seems like a check list for 'gags'.
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  5. I’m gutted Cheryl Hole didn’t do Gemma Collins to a good standard. The jokes are right there with the accent alone with the GC
  6. What just happened
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  7. I knew the lip sync tea beforehand and expected it to be super messy. But I actually thought River really pulled that out the bag. That definitely wasn’t double sashay worthy and clearly just for drama.
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  8. Choriza probably doomed herself with that wig but I've seen far worse winning lipsyncs than River's.

    Between this and no winning queen last week it feels like they're falling back hard on trying to artificially create 'shocking' moments.
  9. Neither the double save nor the double elimination have been deserved this season.
  10. The lack of energy in every scene.
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  11. Whoever styled Michelle tonight needs to get down to Specsavers.
  12. River did fine in the lipsync, it was hardly a Honey/Vivienne sitch.
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  13. I think it could’ve been a joint win with Kitty and Ella.
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  14. Graham Norton is so sneery and snide, I can't stand him. Every second of screen time he gets I'm just wishing it was Alan.
  15. The happening with production trying to serve *drama* at every instance (probably to try to compensate the chemistry between the cast and the previous season’s success) has been backfiring big time.
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  16. In another dimension I've just watched Kitty do Cilla for Snatch Game and I'm howling.
  17. I don’t think the double sashay was uncalled for ddd but there have definitely been worse.
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  18. Petition for Lulu as a full time judge.
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  19. When it comes to the lip sync

  20. Sorry but Ella stomped this week.
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