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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Personally think Cilla would have been a better choice but Kitty’s Gemma was good. She knows every reference there is about hun-tactic characters.

    River was totally fucked over for a cheap gag moment because she just about turned it out. We’ve seen far worse lip sync shantays. And far worse Snatch game performances for that matter. Krystal was such a bomb, I guess the outfit saved her?
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  2. Ella was another mess on the runway but her Nigella Lawson was superb. She also looked the best she's ever looked as Nigella.

    Losing Choriza and River together takes out two of the most likeable characters from the show. A terrible decision.
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  3. Choriza deservedly won the Reading Challenge so I wish they had sent her home alone. River definitely deserved to stay for that lip sync, but I guess her outfit was the worst.

    However Krystal should have been read harder. If you're going to choose a character someone else has created, you better get it on point.
  4. I feel like Krystal is being underserved by her fellow cast members a bit. We see flashes of this blunt and sardonic personality which could be great fun but most of these girls are so flat it’s like there’s nothing to work with ddd the fact that she easily out-classes them aesthetically while also being able to match their comedy/acting/performance ability…give the girl a competitor, she’s bored!
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  5. Eek, what an unremarkable Top 5
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  6. BTG


    This season is such a toxic watch.

    There’s some talented queens there but the energy is just so entirely off.
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  7. That result…

  8. Love Kitty but how are the judges going to criticise River’s Snatch Game for being too obvious and then praise her when all she did was repeat every obvious Gemma Collins meme going and literally nothing else?

    Ella slayed. I actually can’t believe it’s taken this long for anyone to do Nigella.
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  9. Well that was an episode of drag race. Ella deserved the win and Lulu was a great guest judge but the rest of it was absolutely rotted.

    I also got some very light tea at work today from a Geordie colleague that Choriza is apparently a nightmare and not very well liked at all on the scene ddd.
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  10. That lip sync was crap though.

    Also Choriza carries the legacy of being funny in the confessionals but not in challenges when it counts
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  11. Well there go my two favourites...

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  12. BTG


    Choriza serving Anjelica Huston in The Witches during that lip sync.
  13. When she was flailing around, turning into a rat and dying at the end?
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yes she did great this week but the fact Ella Vaday is now a potential favourite to win??? Yeah this season has gone downhill.
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  15. Oh look, more producer fuckery.
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  16. That lip sync was preformed by the producers?
  17. Welp, I'm giving up on this season. "Now Canada's Drag Race is my best friend" vibes.
  18. At least Choriza deservedly won the Reading Challenge.
    I think that was the joke...except maybe the turning into a rat thing.
  19. It was all just done for the gag. The other 3 judges were enjoying the lip sync. The queens in the background were enjoying it. It was clearly a River win. But regardless of what they did, they were both going home regardless.
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