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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Ella's reads were... exactly what I expected from her. Out next please because the Nigella impression wasn't even that great.
  2. K94


    ...Ella was great


    Vanity picking a great, easy character and still giving nothing


    Michelle's hair

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  3. Reading one Queen for just reciting well known lines their character has said and then praising another for doing the exact same. Make it make sense
  4. River did not lose that lip sync.
  5. Is this officially Drag Race Down Under level of bad or do we need one more episode now fully devoid of any joy and personality?
  6. It's very I saw the Sweet Melody video and want that.
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  7. K94


    Ru sowing seeds of doubt in virtually all their characters and, subsequently, they bomb - he wont see the pearly gates

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  8. Omg thank you. I knew she looked like a villain.
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  9. Are you serious? Her impression was hilarious. Thought Kitty should have won but it was obviously Top 2 worthy.
  10. No Shade, I would have loved to see what River did for the Fugby Ball challenge. She did such a good job at the last design challenge.
    I think that ship has already sailed
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  11. Shout is just... a terrible song for a lip-sync. Like, it demands a certain energy that if that's what you do and you choose that track specifically, then sure. But throwing two random queens together and going "well good luck girls!"? It was a train wreck in waiting.
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Scarlett's runway look was the worst up there and I didn't really like how she was making untucked all about her again and trying to make River feel even more awful. Honestly there's no one left to root for but Alesha seems like a great fit as a judge next week, but there's no way Krystal's not winning this now huh.
  13. I didn’t get Nigella from Ella. Not the voice, not the mannerisms, not the look. I don’t understand the praise at all.
    For me, bottom two should’ve been River and Vanity. Choriza’s look and challenge win should’ve seen her squeak through as safe.
    Krystal was also bottom-worthy bad, but at least her look was elevated (even if reductive).
  14. Charity was going to do The Devil for Snatch Game, which would have awesome or terrible.
  15. BTG


    That episode was chaos. The negative energy, Ru’s meddling, Krystal avoiding saying she was playing Charity Shop Sue only for Ru to repeatedly call her by the character name, Scarlett’s terrible runway and Snatch Game, Choriza’s ghastly lip sync look and the double elimination sending home the two fan favourites of the season. A mess.
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  16. 2014

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    Ru would have made her change, 100%.
  17. That would have been awful.
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  18. “You know what would be HIGH-LARIOUS, Betty White. Do her instead”
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  19. That was a double win (if only to make up for the lack of one last week, and to give Kitty her flowers) if ever there was one.

    I liked River but she was not giving the give in that lip sync girlies. Ru got it right! Choriza was super entertaining (and seeing the line-up lacking her next week is…alarming) but she messed the performance up for herself totally.
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  20. Did Tina Burner piss in Graham's coffee? He was catty as shit tonight and it just made me miss Alan.
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