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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Bracing myself for an acting challenge with these four... Might need a stiff drink to get through this one!
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  2. Soo happy with this weeks Lip Sync song!!
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  3. As much as I wouldn’t kick Russell Tovey out of bed for making crumbs, he’s a bloody boring judge.
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  4. They’re really going to do three whole episodes with just 4 queens? I-
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  5. This is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life
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  6. That has to be one of the worst episodes across the whole Drag Race franchise? Terrible acting challenge, forgettable runway and no pay off at the end.
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  7. I thought this episode was... great? The camp over-acting was brilliant, the runway was good and the lip-sync was fun. Much betta than the first half of the series!
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  8. I believe it goes down to a final three next episode.
  9. No ? Also how quick we forget down under
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  10. I… didn’t totally hate it. The runway was enjoyable as well.
  11. I thought that was quite tolerable for a Drag Race acting challenge to be honest. They all performed pretty well and there have been much worse (and significantly longer!) scripts in the past.

    The runway and lip sync were both fun too. One of the better episodes of the season.
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  12. This turning into a two horse race between Kitty and Ella was to be expected and high-key what this season deserves but still



    Here's how Elektra Fence can still win DRUK Season 3
  13. As acting challenges go, this was just fine. And the runway and the lipsync were both enjoyable as well.

  14. BTG


    Kitty strutting during that lip sync like she’s one of us in 2012 I-
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  15. I can’t say I was hugely impressed with the lip sync…
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  16. What was Ella's runway.

    Usually I've disagreed with the dislike of her runways on here. But wow thst was not flattering oh at all.
  17. By this point last year, Bimini had stepped out as a microbe, A'Whora with huge puffed-out pterodactyl sleeves, Tayce lacerated herself with Brillo pad wire, Tia educared us about Turing in a binary covered suit, and Lawrence stepped onstage as Eldrad from Hand of Fear. God we were treated so well, weren't we?
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  18. I really liked the acting challenge and thought it was quite funny I'm so sorry. I proper laughed at the Pamela reference Kitty threw in.

    I don't get Ru's inability to make a decision this series tho. Like the bottom 2 was obvious, and then the winner of the lip sync was obvious. Although Kitty copying Ginger's 'hilariously copying the moves of the other girl but pretending I can't so them cos I'm a bit big' schtick was a low point.
  19. I actually really enjoyed… an acting challenge? A good episode all round and a bop of a song to finish it off with.
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  20. Watching these sub-par queens struggle their way through these heinous challenges... This is not good TV on any level dddd

    (It is in large part because I'm 100% allergic to everything about Ella and Kitty's personalities but this season is definitely turning out as bad as Down Under if not worse I think)
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