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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I'M SO HAPPY! Krystal's finale look is one of my favourites on any season ever? She just embodies a star. I'm so proud of her.
  2. Elektra Fence turning up on the runway. Very learing for a fight outside the kebab shop at 3am energy.

    Also, ecstatic that Krystal won.
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  3. Yeah it's getting weird. I know it doesn't have to be who wins more badges takes the crown, but if they're going to completely ignore it, what's the point of giving them at all? Or at least give it to more than 1 person per episode.
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  4. Thrilled Krystal won but it’s yet another season that goes to prove how terrible the show’s become at constructing a decent winner's narrative. I get that it's in part due to them trying to cater to every eventuality with the winner but the way track record has come to mean absolutely nothing is becoming so jarring as a viewer.

    Given Ella's popularity among the fans straights, we know this win wasn't influenced by the fan vote (which hasn't ever seemed to have mattered across all three seasons) so why construct an edit that undermines Krystal at every turn over the past few weeks only to eventually crown her? It was the same in All Stars 6 when Kylie's robbed Snatch Game win would have added a lot more legitimacy to her eventual crowning but they seemed hell-bent on pushing Ginger's winner arc (who was never going to be popular among the fans).
  5. The only acceptable winner out of the 3, nice finish to the season.
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  6. Anyway River was the breakout star of the season

    Her intonation sends me. Read audiobooks or summet
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  7. It is a scream that Ru uses UK to constantly disregard fan voting and just pick her favourite, and I’m glad it was finally who I was backing to win!

    Krystal is a great winner though I maintain that Lawrence was too.
  8. Ella's final look and mug...geez. So thankful that Krystal won.
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  9. Every second Elektra was on screen was thinly veiled chaos, and I hope she thrives x
  10. We’ve just gone back to watching season 1 and the drop in talent in season 3 is tragic.
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  11. Ella probably would've won if she actually had a great look, her make-up didn't look busted and her wig wasn't... that.

    I'm glad Krystal won. Did she do the best in the challanges? Maybe not. But I haven't heard great things about Kitty and Ella was just so boring. So yay for mediocre excellence.
  12. Well Karen she has been doing very well indeed on the circut. Thank you.

    That twitter bio though.
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  13. I'm so, so grateful Kitty didn't win this.
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  14. It's sad to see so many people not pleased with the result online. I agree that winner's narrative is really jarring, and unfortunately a lot of people can't look past the last few episodes of the production telling us Krystal was shit, despite doing perfectly well. Like...what was the reason?
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  15. OK but why did her 5 seconds of screen time make me wish Elektra Fence had stayed for several more weeks...
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  16. So pleased Krystal won. I’m still not over the cruella inspired look, obsessed.
  17. Finally a queen who I was rooting for has won on the UK version of the show! Super happy for Krystal. Ella’s final look was so busted.
  18. Correct winner but what a chore of a season, girls. I ended up +10'ing nearly all of that last episode.

    Season 2 feels like a fever dream in comparison to this one.
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  19. I actually think this season wasn’t as bad by the last few episodes. I agree the narrative throughout the last half of the season didn’t match with the actual winner but I’m happy Krystal won in the end. Although I think she would have made an amazing future All Stars contestant.
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