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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S3)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. "Are your parents still together?? Do they like each other??"

  2. The right queen won. It’s insane to think she’s only 19 years old. There was no way they were going to crown Kitty and have another ‘comedy’ queen, and Ella was just too boring and not polished enough.

    Saying that, it seems Ella’s glow up has come along incredibly since filming. In the winner reaction video she looks stunning (as do they all).
  3. I’m so fucking pleased. I had resigned myself to the fact that it would be Kitty or Ella (who both delivered fucking awful final looks).

    It’s clearly been mentioned but Ella’s look was atrocious. I hated it from head to toe. The lip sync was also tragique. If it was a bottom two lip sync she would be GONE.

    Krystal has been the most consistent and she’s a god damn star. So happy.
  4. If a news article got posted in a couple of months time saying Ella had quit her drag career to focus on the West End, would any of us be surprised?
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  5. Wouldn't they have had to really started their drag career in the first place? They’re playing it like an audition for Mrs Doubtfire: The Musical.
  6. Ru really looked at Ella and said "I truly do not believe this person has an actual passion for drag - I do however believe that a few years ago they resorted to slapping on wigs & weaponizing their BFA in musical theatre as a last ditch grab at fame", huh.
  7. She should have looked at Rosé and said the same thing, let's be honest.
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  8. At this stage, Ru probably thought they were speaking to the same person because those two are interchangeable.
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  9. Here's how Choriza May can still win.
  10. Oh absolutely. Rosé was so transparent about it and god knows why WoW lapped it up.
  11. They may have had the same transparent motives but I found Ella much more watchable/likeable and about 7000% less insufferable than Rosé
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  12. Ru found relating.
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  13. So happy for Krystal and well deserved. Her level of polish is what most queens strive for their entire careers.
  14. George Michael.

    Peter Andre.

    Krystal Versace.

    Greek Cypriot Excellence!
  15. I know everyone hates Ella for a myriad of reasons but let it be known from this time and place that she looked phenomenal at the reveal gathering last night.
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  16. Just not on the show...

    even once
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  17. She never looked as good as she did last night but the only look she did that I actively hated was that munchkin look. Seeing that felt like a hate crime. Just awful.
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  18. I know it felt fresh and novel not having a prize for the UK season, but I do think the money drives a lot of the…energy of the US seasons, for better or worse. Those girls want the win like crazy. For about 4 episodes of DRUK3 it’s felt largely charismaless, bar whenever Vanity was lip syncing. Ultimately the prize isn’t that much better than just making it to the end.

    The cast returning is cute, but highlighted how wrong they got it all this year. Elektra should’ve stayed somehow to provide much needed chaotic energy, Choriza should’ve been in further (finale?), and Charity shouldn’t even have been on the show. I’m not against her so much as her drag just was not suitable for this show whatsoever. They were never going to love it and she didn’t do a good job of selling what she does OR adjusting it to please them (if she felt like going further in the competition).

    The strong characters were all gone bar Kitty, who while a vital energy boost, is literally just a regurgitated quote gay. We all love a bit of that, but it’s difficult to get to the core of the person when it’s behind layers of memes. I stan Krystal and am glad she won but it’s a funny run she’s had. I don’t know quite why but it feels a bit like Kylie on AS6. She deserved a better edit…
  19. No. Drag is much more than US-style Glamazon drag.

    If there is anything this show needs more of is it’s variety in drag. Crystal is absolutely deserving of her place.
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  20. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I feel like more people will come across Kitty than will know pages like loveofhuns so she'll come across as being super original and witty? Always part of the barrier to finding her massively appealing for me. She's fun, but lots of people are fun. All three of them nailed the performance though, wish we'd had a bit more of that energy in the last episodes.
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