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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I really enjoyed the episode, what else is new with this series?

    All the girls brought it to the challenge, which was really fun to watch. Beastenders was a really fun thing to watch and I loved all the reference. I know enough about the show to get it all and it didn't get too niche, so it all worked really well. All of the girls came across great in the finished product, but I did find Tayce's critiques a little... nit-picky when compared to the output of Ellie and Lawrence. Bimini killed it.

    The runway theme was nice and felt very in keeping with the challenge. Bimini had the best one for me but I really enjoyed Tayce giving something a little different. Ru having to be explained that it still sat within pantomime but not the dame role was a bit embarassing. If you're going to set the theme, at least have some background babe.

    The lip sync was the best we've had all season. Tayce edged it for me since she kept more in the spirit of the song but it was so refreshing to have an up-tempo number. It softened the blow that we're going to have to wait at least ANOTHER season before we get a Broken Heels lip sync.

    Overall a really fun bit of TV that didn't take itself too seriously and gave us a chance to see all the queens thrive.
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I feel like Graham was just trying to find something nit-picky to say cos Ru and Michelle were kinda side-eying him a bit dd. Like Jesus, Tayce looked so defeated after Graham's critiques and Ellie just looked confused.
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  3. Look at the challenges they've won too: Snatch Game, Girl Group, Stand Up, and Acting. They're cool, calm, collected. They have all the talent, the looks, the trajectory, and the storyline. They returned after a lacklustre initial stint and arrived fully prepared to win. Bimini would wear that crown better than the others, so let them wear it, I say.
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  4. K94


    Michelle saying Tayce should have played a Karen because the character's name is Karen was such a nonsense critique.
  5. What is going on with Lawrence’s hair? It’s like the longer it gets, the more it looks like something has fallen off the washing line and landed in the mud. It even looked like he’d ironed a crease in it, FFS.
  6. Not least because if the script doesn't have have the character being a Karen...surely there's limits to artistic interpretation from the Queens? Tayce should not have been Bottom 2, at all.
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  7. What's their deal with Tayce nn she once again did NOT deserve to be in the bottom. Oh well, at least her lipsync was great.
    Other than that I loved the episode and, of course, Bimini has to win.
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Lawrence just got lucky her screen takes were good despite her constant flubbing of lines.
  9. That was some rigga morris judging by putting Tayce in the bottom. Lawrence really should have been there in the bottom instead as he was the weakest in that challenge.

    Anyway I’m glad Bimini won, can’t wait for them to win next week.
  10. Can't wait for Bimini to win this. WHEW, what a moment that will be.
  11. 1) Bimini
    2) Tayce

    ...the other two have been incompetent/inexperienced/negative/disdainful for long enough.
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  12. Petition for a supercut of all of the segments of Tayce just being Tayce when everyone’s de-dragging from the previous challenge.

    Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 01.04.02.png
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  13. Ru, never!
  14. I’m assuming Bimini will win this.

    I think Laurence is still my favourite but I’m happy with anything as long as Ellie is fourth.
  15. Dddd Miss Abby got four lip sync wins.
  16. Maybe it's just because I'm an EastEnders stan (well, classic EE obvs) but I enjoyed the challenge.

    My favourite part of the episode was when Bimini and Tayce were messing around and making lines up in the werkroom though.

    ''Yes they are...''
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  17. Uno


    Can someone explain what the theme for the runway was? What is a Panto Dame?

    Ignorant American here, sorry.
  18. A Pantomime Dame is a common character in pantomime that serves as a primary source of 'comedy' in the story, and is usually the only character(s) played in highly over-the-top, incredibly camp drag. It's usually the warm, endearing character that's the anthesis of glamour, and often a 'maternal' figure in the story. Gaudy, and can occasionally be a little naughty too.
  19. Ellie’s shambolic cartwheel sent me.
    Honesty what the fuck have we all just witnessed with that episode? I still loved it though.
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  20. If there is ever a season I would think is deserving of a double crowning it's this one. Bimini and Tayce.
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