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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Two of your friends have done it now. So you are basically compelled to go for it at this point.

    Hash tag Team Holly
  2. Victoria Scone is my friend.
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Gay Gods have blessed us:

  4. They must be having two guest judges an episode now are they?
  5. Is the show not a bit camp for Russell based on what he has said in the past?
  6. Indeed. Granted that was a few years ago, but still.

    His "apology" was...not great, either. "I'm sorry if you feel I've let you down". Oh well, he must feel differently now, it's not like he's obligated to do the show in any way, so he must enjoy it.
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  7. I feel like I read an interview with Russell recently where he was watching Drag Race over lockdown, so clearly he's got over whatever... issues he had with it.
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  8. Victoria Scone is a friend of my fiance so the stanning will continue in this house.
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  9. The issues weren't with Drag Race though. The comments were about gay people in general being effeminate and "prancing around". So it just stood to reason that Drag Race just wouldn't be his cup of tea.

    But if Drag Race has been the thing that has made him realise his comments were gross and awful and he wants to show his support to the queens, then fair enough.
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  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    They missed a trick by not having Nicola Coughlan and Nadine Coyle on the same episode.
  11. I cackled. Ru would be even more clueless than usual.
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  12. I realised after posting that I'd already said this ddd. What I didn't mention is that it was an amateur drag competition and we were the only 2 actual first timers there. She won the competition. I... did not.
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  13. I watched the MTQ again, and I kind of stan how Victoria sounds a bit like Jennifer Saunders.
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  14. Acting challenge where they all have to look for their passports please x
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  15. I mean, his comments were nearly 10 years ago - people’s views change.
  16. I know, they were 6 years ago. That's why I said that he must feel differently now or he wouldn't be going on the show at all, in my first post. It's good that he has moved on from that, but it was still an ugly way to voice that opinion in the first place.
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  17. Russell was on the documentary series about the season 1 queens on tour (God Shave The Queens?) and he was backstage with the queens saying how big of a fan he was.
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  18. Pleeeeeaase.
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  19. Well that's good. I don't think I saw that documentary. I like him as an actor, so I'd like to think he's not also a huge arsehole.
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