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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Anyone else got a crush on Chorizo?
  2. Electra’s face looked like she got a facial from a smurf. We stan.
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  3. That bottom 2 lip sync was messy
  4. The curse of Brighton…Joe Black, The Macarena and now Anubis. We’re not really showing our best on TV!

    100% my fave this season. So funny too
  5. River shuffling around as that statue killed me.
  6. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful... hate me because I'm an immigrant" is going down in history.
  7. I'm loving this cast, in an ideal world Anubis would have stayed as they seemed really sweet, but other than that, great first episode!
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  8. Lived for Vicki Scone, but there was a lot of Watermelon Bubblegum being chewed during that Lip Sync. Krystal's lip sync was tight, dramatic, and camp, and I am here for all of that!
  9. They really said "Krystal, you are skinny, condragulations you are the winner of this week's challenge!”
  10. That was a weird first episode. The cast is super strong already but the production choices felt odd.

    Dirty charades as the first mini challenge?! Where did that come from? We got no individual moments from the queens and all we really learnt from it was that Veronica Green can’t count.

    Words cannot convey my rage at that 2nd runway theme. ‘My favourite thing’ is such a vague concept that the queens could have worn any outfit they brought with them and put a theme to it. Not to mention, the actual ‘favourite things’ that some of them chose:
    • My birthday - anybody over the age of 11 who still says their birthday is their favourite thing is clearly psychotic
    • Music - the fact that not 1 but 2 queens chose the general concept of ‘Music’. How can just ‘Music’ in general be a favourite thing? Yes, you might like Music but not even a specific type? Just the overall concept of ‘Music’? COME ON.
    • ESTONIA - I almost threw my remote at the TV.
    The Top 2 lipsync was a nice touch but Victoria was never going to win dressed as a cake stand when her competitor was in a lipsync friendly catsuit (literally). Elektra turned it out in her lipsync though - the first time in a while that it gets like a queen was actually lipsyncing for her life.

    An odd first episode but this cast seems stacked. Hope next week brings them out of their shells a bit more.
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  11. BTG


    There’s such a fun energy to the UK seasons that’s really lacking in the US. It’s early days but I’m not quite as enamoured with a lot of the cast yet. That said, I never thought I’d stan Bimini based on episode one, so everything can change.

    Early favourites are Victoria, Vanity and Choriza.
  12. The best part of the episode hands down. I don’t care how basic her second look was, she should’ve been safe for this alone.
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  13. R92


    Yeah, I'm actually way more here for this than I was expecting to be from the quick turnaround from S2. Veronica is... there, but the rest of the cast seems to have its merits. Victoria is everything, and Kitty and Choriza immiediately strike me as having some of my absolute favourite personalities. Ella is gorgeous as a guy and girl, but hopefully breaks out of that sheen of "incredibly competent queen" into more of a personality as the season goes by. Charity's looks were great, but I'm kinda eh on them so far. Elektra is cute as a boy but anyone that dresses up like a literal child on the runway deserves to lipsync, so I'm not bothered by that decision, and her lipsync felt like she was literally fighting for her life so that was good.

    The mini challenge was fine for a mid-season challenge but definitely slowed the momentum of a season opener.
  14. That was a perfectly fun first episode. Wish we could have gotten to know the queens more, but all in all much better than most post season 9 US-season premieres. Love Kitty, Vanity, Victoria, Choriza and Charity's drag. And River's pointing was absolutely hilarious.

    Out of drag Anubis, Ella, River and Scarlett do unspeakable things to me already.

  15. Charity should've been top 3 over Scarlett for me.
    River's posing slaughtered me more than it had any business doing.

    And as expected; I adore Victoria, what a star!

    A rather pretty cast this season.
  16. I screamed. Too good.

    Loved the top 2 lipsync, but competing to win a badge is not the one. But that’s Drag Race UK, so.

    Victoria and Vanity are - and I cannot state this enough - everything.
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  17. K94


    Victoria not winning? River not in the bottom 2? Veronica's ebay orders getting her through?


    Very wayward judging but I did enjoy the episode and the cast. Victoria ate them up the entire episode and I can't wait to stan. Either Charity or Vanity should have been in the tops over Scarlet, and I would have like to have seen more of what Anubis could do - the entry look was cute.

    Overall thee dolls so far are Victoria, Kitty (though the looks weren't good), Vanity, and Choriza who had me rolling throughout. There are clear standouts this time and obv this won't be on last series' level, but I'm still excited!
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  18. I wouldn’t necessarily say this season’s cast is stronger than last year but wow does Veronica really seem out of her depth here. She feels much more like a Cynthia Lee Fontaine than a Shangela or Vanjie.
  19. I can't get over how much Krystal's makeup is a carbon copy of Raven. I liked her this episode but I really want to see something different.

    Ella Vaday and Scarlett Harlett are my S3 crushes

    OH and Scarlett just keeps reminding me on Kim Petras
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