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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. The judges witty critiques on the runway fell so flat they were all off

    Early faves are Victoria, Choriza and Kitty

    Veronica was out of her depth in the mini and maxi challenge her gamer look was one of the worst up there

    'How did you not know what you were signing up for, you already did this girl'
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  2. Veronica's second outfit... could've landed her in the bottom 2 easily.
  3. She's an icon.

    She's a legend.

    And she is the moment.

    Now come on now!
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  4. Choriza really pulled on my heart strings this episode with the section about being lonely. Must have been surreal being in that work room after the absolute terror of January and February 2021 in the U.K.
  5. The first 3 names called by Ru included her I think and I thought it was gonna be tops and bottoms called.
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  6. I don’t think I have ever hated someone’s look as much as Elektra Fence’s. I could not focus on her lipsync looking like that.
  7. Ok but the fact that the whole cast was lipsyncing to Sweet Melody in the background. A smash.
  8. BTG


    Why are the UK lip syncs so off? The track always seems so low in the mix.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The cast is fun! River rightfully avoided the bottom 2, (the Tia Kofi of S3 I feel) but it was a much tougher lip-sync battle than Bimini blitzing Joe last season. Vanity and Victoria should've been the top 2, and there's a lot of the safe girls (Veronica and Ella mainly) that were pretty forgettable.
  10. It was BAFTA winning and you can’t tell otherwise

    I enjoyed that a lot but I do wish electra had gone home
  11. K94


    Was it me or was Electra totally out of rhythm for the lipsync? I thought there was a delay on the site nn
  12. Ru not knowing the reference and still finding it hysterically funny makes it even better teebs.
  13. River feels like she could become the main character of the season - she’s warm, funny, has bags of charisma and seems genuine like the best DRUK girls always are.
  14. I really enjoyed that first episode. There's some fabulous queen's and they e really all embraced that warm joy of the UK season. It's just great to watch them all be so happy to be there.
  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I really thought Victoria was going to take that lip sync when she started chucking sandwiches around but then... sis, you need to actually lip sync the words. It felt like she slightly bottled it.

    The bottom two lip-sync seemed extra difficult for Anubis because of that outfit. I found Elektra annoying all episode but she turned it out for that lip-sync, and between Elektra and Anubis they actually did better than Victoria and Krystal.

    I'm also dead at some stan making Anubis the only queen on this season apart from Veronica to have her own Wikipedia page. Literally why?
  16. I think the runway was a bit rough given some of the looks turned out on season 2, but the cast has bucketloads of charisma and are so infectious so I'm excited for this season.

    Kitty Scott? Legend!
  17. River is SO hot I cannot cope
  18. It was a fun episode. I liked more queens than I expected, especially Choriza, Charity, and Victoria. I can't figure out the judging because some of the safe queens were super strong, while some of the top were just correct. Like, if you put all the top queens together in a group they would not look amazing.

    I have no idea how Charity Kase wasn't a top/winner in a looks challenge. She was literally terrifying in her second look, and the first one was super creative.

    I'm very sad to see Anubis go, she had a lot of potential but I did think her second look concept was weird for a "favourite things" theme.

    Seriously, he is incredibly attractive.
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  19. I absolutely loved this first episode. I was worried that after such an amazing season before it that this wouldn’t be as good but this cast are so fun! I’m excited to see where they all go!

    I’m surprised the lip sync song wasn’t saved for later this season
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  20. I'm very intrigued by Veronica's looks. As all were quite bad actually.

    I almost think she would have been better off coming back for Season 4. As this is so quick after Season 2 finished.

    But on the other hand maybe she has no taste.
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