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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Probably because it was Anubis herself?
  2. Krystal ate that lipsync! So good.
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  3. Veronica should have been in the bottom for both her hideous runways.
  4. Speak up bestie, you're 100% right x
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  5. River Medway having me in my Dom Top bag was lowkey frightening... i guess Halloween is around the corner


    Krystal and Victoria's second looks kind of mopped the other girls, didn't they? Scarlett Harlett was providing Joslyn Fox/Heidi N Closet chais and im ready to stan her nonsensical Stacey Solomon confessionals. The bottom 2 was accurate but watching Elektra Fence bash her jelly sandals and knees into that plexi glass was doing a bit much for me tibs. Someone didn't read the Tayce manual on how to win a lip sync with mug and eye contact alone!
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  6. Had Season 2 even aired when this was filmed?
  7. But it's not a "wait until you're ready/confident enough for all stars" situation, she was out of season 2 for reasons out of everyone's control and was given a pass to this season because of that, putting her in season 4 would have been super unfair.
  8. I didn’t care (or even have much of an opinion) for Elektra throughout the episode. But that was a great lip sync. Not just for her performance, but the energy radiating from the entire cast.
  9. Every word that tumbles out of Kitty's mouth is gold honestly. The way she stuffs her waist away and has an entire sofa in her tits... that's drag
  10. I think money's a big factor here. We know how much it costs a lot of these girls to do things and one season right after another, with a limited window to gig and build back up reserves in between, probably has taken its toll.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why did Krystal give me Gothy Kendoll but glow up all episode dd.
  12. K94


    I hope Krystal's personality shines a bit more - still thinking about that animal print lqqk but her confessionals are giving me her namesake, Ariel.
  13. I largely enjoyed the premiere, probably not as much as the s2 one but it was actually solid.

    Firstly the hot contestant situation.. whew. River, Anubis, Milan. Scarlett flirted with me in drag at a Pride brunch (tbf she was dirty and flirty with everyone) and if I had known then what she looked like… well. Also I live in Dagenham and I SHALL be travelling east to find Ella.

    My main takeaway from the drag aspect of it (lol) is that Veronica was the WORST. Worst entrance look, worst main stage looks (genuinely potentially in both categories), even the worst at bloody charades. Genuinely she should be gone now, absolutely was protected.

    and that makes me really annoyed as I really loved Anubis. Mainly for her confessionals than what she wore on the runway, but she made me laugh. ‘A shrimp is camp, isn’t it?’.
    Great confessionals all round to be honest. Victoria, Choriza, Scarlett, Kitty, lots of good chat. Choriza was my surprise package, so many moments.

    In my head I had Krystal, River or Elektra down as the first out. Really underestimated Krystal, who did do well. River I am so glad escaped it, and deserved to not even be bottom three on the strength of her first runway presentation alone. But honestly I wish it was Krystal. She did show a lot of desire to stay and skill but like others have said, a lot of that seemed out of time. I can’t see her lasting too long honestly.

    I don’t like the format change. Lots of people could go without badges despite being the clear winner of the actual challenge, what’s the point?
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  14. Drag Race does Gogglebox is a good idea but Laganja and Kylie just using it the take the piss out of people, makes it even better
  15. I'm fairly certain it's not something they're going to do every week - just for the premiere.
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  16. I actually really loved the premiere.

    Some points that have probably already been made here:
    • Veronica feels like an imposter and was atrocious throughout. She should have been in the bottom and kicked out.
    • These are some of the hottest out of drag contestants we’ve ever had.
    • Charity literally was robbed of a top placement, I’d of swapped her out with Scarlet.
    • Victoria should have won that lipsync.
    • The judges and their tired fucking runway jokes. Burn them all.
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  17. "She's gonna make it...

    Oh no, she's not gonna make it...

    Oh no...

    She didn't make it!'
  18. The charades game was actually hilarious, much better than the photoshoots Ru did in Andi Peter’s broom cupboard the last two seasons
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  19. Michelle using the tired old “…. her, I don’t even know her” joke twice during the same runway. Get some new writers I beg you.
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