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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Kitty Scott Claus' confessional is giving me this icon
  2. I really enjoy the season premiere, I'm so glad we have Drag Race UK to turn into when the American version became such a non event.

    I agree with most of the comments here but let's give Veronica a break... sis is trying hard and this will probably be her down side this time, but she is talented and deserve her second shot at this.

    So much trade this season....
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  3. Veronica’s whole face crack over Ella landing the Wicked role and her not getting it…. whilst she’s literally dressed like she’s auditioning for fucking Wicked. *chefs kiss*, perfect television.
  4. I can’t not think her over singing Ratbite Feeevaaaah whenever she’s on screen. It’s been following me around all day.
  5. It was a cute premiere! I think the cast is a lot of fun so far... but Veronica really sticks out like a sore thumb, she was painful to watch. And her computer games look was hideous, how was she safe?

    The UK series just has this... warmth that the US version lacks. Even if this season doesn't stack up to Season 2 (which was the best season in years), I'll still find it infinitely more watchable than the US seasons of recent years.
  6. "My favorite thing about Newcastle is my BOYFRIEND'S DICK."

    I howled.
  7. "ROBOCOCK, I don't even like COCK."


    This cast is great.
  8. “Vanity, ask River about her family”

  9. Is there a box on the application form to list dead relatives? The producers literally salivate over them.
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  10. “Coz you were in Wicked?”
    “Yeah, and you?”
    “Yeah I … auditioned for Wicked”

    the editing is shady as but when it’s this good you don’t care
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  11. The hate some of you have for Veronica is *really* excessive and actually quite weird. What did she do exactly to hurt you all so badly? Is she an annoying theatre gay? Yes, but she’s somewhat self-aware about it and does have talent. She also had plenty of great moments last season and was in a pretty impressive position (especially for an underdog) before she was taken out of contention. S2 was one of the strongest casts ever and Miss Veronica more than held her own amongst them.

    Not forgetting too - she resolutely defended our fav Tia against constant snipes from A’Whora throughout the season. She does not seem like a horrible person at all? I swear some of you can not differentiate between drag you don’t like and people that need to be destroyed. Like you want to drag Ru and Michelle for only valuing expensive drag but loathe Veronica for looking busted in her promo?! Get a grip.
  12. No ones wishing death on her? It’s just fun shade and general criticism of her performance this week, from what I can see.
  13. Just finished the episode, it's a great one and that lip sync song, YATH.

    Wished we saw more of Anubis's drag though. Both of the lip sync for life sucked. Veronica should've been in the bottom two.

    Can't believe UK is gonna probably give us another iconic season after 1 and 2. The consistency, we love to see it!

    Can Matt Lucas be a permanent judge replacing Michelle? DDdd

    Also that River runway move is gonna be Vanjie-d by now.
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  14. Veronica looked like shit
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Veronica’s looks were quite often shit in S2 so I don’t know why people are surprised on that front, but I do find her likeable in a ‘I was B-list at capital’ sort of way.
  16. You can look like a puddle of vomit I don't care but Veronica just had no sense of fun about her. Lighten up babe it's drag x
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  17. Ella out of drag

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  18. I'm oddly attracted to Choriza, and Victoria's charades and Medway's pointing had me actually guffawing.

    Although Krystal is from my home town so I have to stan her instead.

    RuPaul actually having a ball, bringing the comedy "she didn't make it" and critiquing the queen's was a delight.
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  19. Love the Drag Race Gogglebox crossover. Rock M I've really grown to like since Season 12, she's good fun.

    And yes to who said Krystal was giving serious Gothy with a glow up vibes.

    I think this could be a good season, it's just so much warmer and fun in the UK edition than the US seasons where the Queens just feel super calculated and often lacks a bit of heart. It helps Ru always seem to be having more fun too?

    Choriza May is just genius as a name.
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