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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I really enjoyed last night's series premier but I wish Michelle Visage was dropped from the UK version. Michelle just does not add anything to the programme. Ru needs to mix it up a bit too. She does the same old same old week after week.

    The Spanish series was so refreshing, exciting and filled with emotion. There was no Ru or Michelle and the series was incredible. The same with the first Dutch series. I really do not know why Ru features so much in the current series.
  2. I found Kitty… Extremely irritating.
  3. I think I’ll be in the minority, and I feel like I’m maybe breaking a forum rule regarding commenting on somebodies’ appearance.

    But I find it pretty depressing that a 19 year old with extensive facial surgeries was simply presented as the norm in last night’s episode.

    I’ll admit I’m ignorant about knowing what is a permeant modification or simply an injectable that will wear off so maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree with this opinion, but it just felt a little irresponsible in how it was presented?

    The episode was a good start and hopefully the series will be able to maintain the momentum.
  4. Why am I still thinking about..

    "Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful. Hate me cause I'm an immigrant."

  5. I'm not sure it was presented as the norm, because the show went out of its way to refer to it.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Krystal had great looks but she already feels remarkably Americanised.... she was surprisingly great in the lip-sync so I won’t write her off completely, but she would be a boring winner for the UK series, based from what we’ve seen so far.
  7. But it's Krystal's face, she's an adult and she can do anything she wants with it? She didn't advocate nor promote it (facial surgeries) to everyone. She's talking about herself.

    Ella asked her a question and she answered.
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  8. You're completely right. It isn't a criticism of Krystal, it just felt off brand the way the BBC presented it compared to how they would address facial modification on BBC Three shows like Glow Up for example.
  9. Kitty’s Agnetha look was homophobic. Facts are facts.
  10. This was surprisingly great yesss! A relief since I'm still hung up on S2 and the Meet The Queens didn't really excite me.

    A great cast, a great variety of types of drag... I'll watch.
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  11. The DIRRTY charades game as a mini challenge should be a staple.
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  12. I can't stand Kitty...
  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Kitty Scott-Claus is so CAMP I’m obsessed
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  14. Krystal's mug and looks were the best by far. The leopard print look was literally so snatched.

    But I really enjoyed the vibe from all the cast. River, Choriza and Scarlett carried the confessionals.

    But I feel like Anubis had a lot more to show over Elektra. She needs to cinch and learn her proportions because the entrance outfit and runway looks were all horrible.
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  15. I was impressed with ep1! Seems like a strong cast that at least has a lot of potential!
  16. Okay now that I'm sitting at a computer and can type my thoughts:
    • Lots of hot menseses this season. Ella gets me going even if her drag is a wee pedestrian at this point. Scarlet is looker too and her ridiculous accent makes it even better.
    • As somehow who actively and genuinely liked Veronica (most of the time) last season, her showing was abysmal this episode. Ugly looks from top to bottom. Her Hometown Look was the definition of Home Made, and her gamer look was dreadful. How was she safe? Make it make sense.
    • I'm howling at Ru telling Victoria that she was an inspiration and groundbreaking and will do so much for AFAB queens when Ru herself and her stupid show have been the road block from this happening sooner. And to then talk about carbon footprint in the same episode? Ma'am the call is coming from inside the house.
    • Even though I think both bottom queens did a ... serviceable job at that lip sync, it's a shame Sweet Melody was wasted on the first of the season.
    Anyway, after the Riggor Morris going on with the eliminations in Holland, it's nice to return to the charm that is DRUK.
  17. I feel so very lucky to count Victoria as a friend. Sat there so proud throughout the whole episode. It would have been very easy for the first AFAB queen to be used as a gimmick but the way she brought it to the table, that wasn't even a consideration. I'm confident she has paved a huge road for more variety in future series.
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  18. I already enjoy this season more than the last one for the cute boys alone
  19. Mess
  20. Unrelated but the intro showing the "the nippewls are the eyes of the face" clip after I had forgotten about it has me screaming all over again. I think that might be my favourite line to come out of Snatch Game, ever.
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