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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Anyone who does adult baby drag deserves the boot.
  2. I just think it's fundamentally unfair to eliminate a girl based entirely on two runways when on US they get through about 4 episodes and 5 triple threat productions before anyone is sent home.
  3. Ella Vaday is giving me Rosé and I don't need it.
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Elektra dances like a builder.

    Veronica should have been bottom two along with Kitty, either of them should have gone.

    Anubis seemed to have a lot more to show, it’s a shame she went so soon after only being given a chance to show a few looks and that’s it.
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  5. I do think we could've had one non-elimination episode since we got a Top 2 lipsync anyway, but also both Elektra & Anubis seem expendable, so I wouldn't have minded them both going tonight as well.
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  6. Her personality feels fake for the cameras in the way everything Ellie Diamond said was very Drag Race contestant answers
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  7. Ella Vaday is so boring

    River Medway and Choriza May are my favorites so far but I just knew they will flop / done dirty by the production
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  8. What's "Victoria's gone" in reference to?
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Nothing in particular. It’s just a bit of a running joke.

    What’s the fastest bun in the universe?

  10. I've not read the whole thread so not sure if this was posted but my Twin Peaks heart exploded with laughter.

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  11. It was the way her face cracked when she realised Ella had won roles in the West End that made me cringe slightly.
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  12. Me fancying Scarlet out of drag

  13. Rewatching the runway and I can’t help but wonder - what were the judges thinking not placing Choriza May in the Top 2? Her second look in particular was excellent, an Almodovar heroine on acid.
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  14. I was half asleep during this episode and so I probably missed some things.
    But some thoughts,
    I can't IMAGINE being nineteen years old and being on Drag Race. Just like... Props to those kids for having a passion, putting it together, and making it onto the biggest platform for said passion.

    Victoria struggling to get to the fishbowl and falling before she makes it was campy and hilarious. And if it anyone ever did that on the US season, there'd be shady music and queens in the confessional talking about how she is trying too hard and rolling their eyes. She's fantastic.

    Krystal, I've been following on IG for awhile and I thought she was assisted by some subtle photoshop and good lighting. Nope. She has probably the keenest eye for glam drag makeup in all of Drag Race. And again, for her to be 19 is crazy. The only thing I worry about with her is the AWhora type thing where she is going to be like far too cold to the others and the judges won't warm to her personality but will just love her drag.
  15. 2 hours?!!??!!!
  16. Vanity was beautiful through out. Her chats with River and Chroiza. Having lived in South London for years, her hometown was on point.

    It was absolutely devastating when Anubis said she had last seen her dad at 12, and that was her favourite thing because of what they did, and then he died when she was 16.
  17. Anubis had messy drag (which I liked? Not everything has to be super polished) but she seems like a sweetheart, I hope this slot gives her a big boost.
  18. Sibling Watchery is back reviewing this, you guys x
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  19. Me fancying Charity Kase out of drag

  20. Also I'm waiting for @Laura Vanderbooben to watch the episode and remind us how ugly British people are again.

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