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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. What in the absolute fuckery was this episode?

    I felt so bad for Scarlett and I'm so glad she stuck up for herself in untucked. There is a difference between being defeated and not enjoying the fact that you are being criticised harshly on the biggest platform of your life. Thank God she showed up and absolutely ate up Charity in that lipsync.

    Why invite Charity on the show knowing her drag style is what made you choose her for the show, only to then criticise her every move? Michelle saying she needs to switch it up when she was giving 'glam' in the challenge and then her 'creepy' on the runway... It makes no sense.

    River should have won the challenge.

    I fucking hate RuPaul.
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  2. I wonder if any of the series 2 girls wish they would've waited to apply. About half of them could've had 4 or 5 badges by now.

    The best part of the episode was Leigh-Anne calling Perrie and Jade her assistants.
  3. Back when it aired it wasn't...
  4. The commercials were bad, but no less shit than the majority of acting challenges Ru forces onto the queens season after season.

    I don't know how she can sit through these adverts stony faced but then chuckle all the way through Rumerican Horror Story or Breastworld.
  5. I guess this episode was the natural conclusion of the way these “funny video” challenges have been going - funny faces, silly voices, shouting, lazy toilet humour, zero actual jokes. It’s kind of nice to have it acknowledged. Kind of harsh to put Charity in the bottom when she seemed to basically carry her team (albeit not to a good place).
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  6. “Scarlett, because I feel like she has given up.” No wonder she was mad, when most of the cast are sleeping their way through this competition.
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  7. Also Kitty looked... awful... and they were in love with it?
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  8. That was one of the most uncomfortable Drag Race episodes of all time.

    The terrible commercials (though as already pointed out, really no more unfunny than most of the acting challenges), the untucked, the 'who do you want to send home' question. Just uncomfortable to watch from beginning to end.

    This show simply does not know how to deal with queens who can't just 'bounce back' like its nothing. I have no idea if Scarlett has a mental illness or not and I'm not going to speculate but I have borderline personality disorder and there are times when I basically just end up shutting down and becoming extremely unresponsive.

    I describe it as a dark cloud descending upon my mind that makes it impossible to think about anything or form a coherent thought pattern, let alone speak or try to act normal. Watching Scarlet get criticised in the work room for walking out or being defeatist made me think of all the times in my life I've been criticised for shutting down when it's not something I can really control to any degree, it's just something I have to 'wait out' until my brain starts playing ball again.

    I doubt I'll ever rewatch any of this season to be honest but that episode in particular is one for the trash.

    (Also could they really just not have given River the win? It felt spiteful to withhold it from her just because both groups did badly when they didn't have a bad thing to say about her personally).
  9. Loving the lip sync song this week

    oh, wait…….

    the girls telling Scarlett how to act and feel was a bit uncomfortable but there are some queens to enjoy in there

    I still maintain this > season 13 of US

    More River!!
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  10. I agree. Her hair and make up were good but her outfit was really half baked.

    I want to like Kitty because I feel she and I have a similar sense of humour but she has zero originality in anything she does.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I definitely feel River should've got a solo win this week, and I love her but Choriza's runway was easily the weakest. Vanity and Ella could both not show up next week and I don't think anyone would remember they were in this season.
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  12. "I wonder how many adverts have the f-bomb in them..."

  13. Scarlett ate that lip sync. I couldn't take my eyes off her. River should have got the win she looked stunning.
  14. River was the only redeeming thing about this episode. To be honest I kept losing interest and playing with my dog as that seemed more fun than watching that episode at points. I'm glad Scarlet stayed and I thought she looked great and killed the lipsync. As someone with Asperger's and ADHD seeing her be told how to react to being distressed and criticized for taking herself out of the situation that triggered her really rubbed me the wrong way. River for the win.
  15. I spent maybe the whole episode on my phone because I found it so boring. Let’s hope the Snatch Game provides.
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  16. 2014

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    Giving more time to the untucked bit than to the actual challenge was.... not ideal. The 2nd one was marginally better?? Michelle as director is just so tired now.
  17. Kitty's hair was giving Miss Piggy
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  18. This cast just does not have the range at all. Choriza and River are the only redeemable thing about this season.
  19. LTG


    Not when it means they’d actually have to be on this season.
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  20. I'm sorry but why the fuck were the girls acting as Draglexa?

    It's right there in front of you girls...? Ru even showed you how to interact with it!
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