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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I expected so much more from Charity before the season started yet she gave us… nothing. I grew tired of her and she did herself a massive disservice as this make up does not translate in lipsyncs at all. The highlight of the episode was Scarlett saying “Thank you, Ru” when she was saved. No more thanking the judges.
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  2. The Treyc Cohen reference in the workroom was the highlight of this episode.

  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    You said that with some determination.

  4. Whenever you're ready.
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  5. Scarlett making a point of mentioning the Joan Crawford bit she wanted to do on the Main Stage to nothing but a pity laugh from Ru, proving it would have changed absolutely nothing was kind of hilarious though
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  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    What the fuck was that episode? Trash. Whilst neither of the adverts (we don't say 'commercials' here, Ru) was in the slightest bit funny, what the hell did they expect was going to be done in such a revolutionary way when you're giving them the same bloody challenges that have been done multiple times before, and performed by a cast who have grown up with Drag Race?

    Charity didn't deserve to go. I agree that she should have done "normal" makeup for the runway, but she was better than Vanity in the challenge, and her outfit was way better than Vanity's too. It felt like it was purely for storyline purposes to have a repeat of the bottom two after they'd just been saved.

    Ru needs to stop calling Choriza 'Teresa' because that's the joke.

    This series is pretty shit, let's be honest. None of them deserve to be a Drag Race winner. None! They really made a mistake sending home Anubis and Elektra so early, at least they had some personality.
  7. I screamed at the judges scrambling around for some positives. Yes all the girls were shit but also what do you expect with these garbage challenges. I mean, Dragoton, it was a fluke they got anything out of that.
  8. The drop in quality from last year is savage.
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  9. Scarlett had an iconic episode ddd. Her glare of death while dressed as baby Miranda Priestly ddd I love those moments where the storyline of the episode/character arc is reflected perfectly in their runway look (like remember how haunting Tayce looked doing Memory while covered in blood?), it was giving villain origin story. She struck the perfect note for the lipsync too, especially when contrasted with her opponent…

    Charity, uh. There’s something so off about her energy, I’m sorry! The scene where she argued with Krystal about how funny her lame concepts were made me cringe out of my skin. There’s a lack of humour there that just can’t be substituted with anything else. I’m so glad she’s gone.
  10. The ads were shite, but the absolute nerve of Ru complaining that ''we've seen it all before'' when they're constantly given the same abysmal challenges with the same abysmal scripts, under Michelle's abysmal direction.

  11. Ok, but the direction/ideas were insane, did nobody know what an Alexa was on team Scarlett?

    Even Alan, who is the normally the most well tuned, wanted to see River on screen as the voice of Draglexa? What?
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  12. It's giving it's giving chore.
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  13. Ella Vaday is trying to give Miss Kasha Davies but she just isn't at that level, sadly.
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  14. Why do they insist on Michelle being the director when she clearly has no experience working with one?
  15. Ella? I get

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  16. This season is kinda garbage. Not a winner among them.
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  17. Purposefully squeezing a five minute ~vulnerable moment~ from Scarlett to be open about her mum's mental health issues and then putting her through.. that? Trash, just trash.

    Easily the worst UK episode so far.
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Charity’s insistence on disguising her face rather than accentuating it for her runways has really hurt her, huh? It’s kind of hard to serve anything other than “children’s nightmare” during a lip-sync when you’re made up like THAT, and Scarlett took the opportunity and ran with it. (She was easily the worse lip-syncer of the two last week but was significantly better this week.)

    Also, Scarlett pushing Charity away with her palm in the lip-sync was probably my favourite moment of the whole episode… which isn’t saying much dddd.

    River was easily the only one who looked truly expensive, and I’m not just saying that because she looked like the personification of a hong bao. That being said, “expensive drag” is a weird theme to have during a global pandemic, of all times! If ever there was a time to cut the queens some slack on their budget and do a “drag on a dime” runway…

    As for the dog challenge and the adverts, the less said the better.
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  19. I think they were way too hard on Charity overall but the makeup this week felt too kid's Halloween party and not drag enough. I hate agreeing with Michelle but had she done glam with the same runway she would have been safe, easily.
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