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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Does Kitty get her jokes and humour from hunsnet’s instagram.
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  3. Where do I watch Dragula?
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  4. I’m honestly torn between agreeing with your points, and being supremely annoyed of the “we want to see something dIfFeReNt” arc they throw at queens with defined aesthetics that just don’t fit in their tiny boxes, when queens like Ella and Vanity and Kitty who I’m willing to give a pass because she does seem to have a personality in spite of what the edit is showing are bringing nothing to the table. As the show keeps going it feels like what’s at stake for the queens just keeps getting bigger, and coupled with the producer’s/judges’ ever-moving goal posts the show is starting to have a very obvious negative impact on the queens’ well-being and I feel like we’re FAR from the show ever addressing that. The format is honestly so tired and I hate myself for still feeling compelled to watch.
  5. “No more wires hanging!”…ddd
  6. I keep hearing Kim Woodburn in her confessionals.
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  7. Shudder, and I suggest you do. Episode 1 of the new series was amazing.
  8. This season needed this total meltdown episode, let's be honest. I don't exactly have high hopes for the rest of the season but if there were Drag Race UK power rankings after this episode... I'm liking where River and Choriza (clearly the only two remotely compelling cast members) are currently standing.
  9. Isn't it an open secret that Michelle has actively told queens that are looking to get on the show not to audition because it's not worth it and it'll ruin their lives? Dddd
  10. I wouldn't be surprised. Frankly, Reality TV is the only path to worldwide success for drag queens. And they know this and hold that power over them and then subtly abuse the queens in the process or fail to provide them adequate support once the show is over.
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  11. I mean, ask Bimini or Tayce if they thought it was worth it and see what they say...

    Obviously they are not the norm but that's what pretty much everyone going on the show aspires to and you can't deny that the level of success they've enjoyed post-show has been simply incredible. All the warnings in the world probably don't matter when you see the possibility to achieve what they have, even if 98% of queens who appear on the show will never.
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  12. I think (if the stories are true) she probably means in the context of the shitty WOW contracts and NDAs and them basically owning your likeness for an entire year etc. Although that's just standard television fuckery.
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  13. What a ridiculous main challenge. Whose idea was it to get the queens to sell a personal assistant device? And then expect that to be good television.

    Cheap tactic used to save that episode by pitting the queens against each other.
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  14. I fail to see what most in this thread see in River. I assume y'all know tea from the spoiler thread and are being biased? She's likeable but her make-up is incredibly mediocre and the outfits look so cheap. Vanity really shows that she's only been doing drag for one year. I guess they cast her to be an early out but she's been lucky this cast is so shit.
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  16. (Wait, I'm obsessed with BalladDE.)
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  17. You just explained it for yourself, really. River is likeable and that always helps, especially in this cast.
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  18. River’s look was amazing and you could tell how proud she was of it. I really wish she got the win.
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  19. 2014

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    River’s runways have been inconsistent to say the least, but she’s easily the most root-able Queen there.
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  20. Mr.Arroz

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    They were also two individuals with a ridiculously strong sense of self before appearing on the show, which is why they were able to withstand the shit that the judges threw at them, especially Tayce and the inconsistent judging that they received.
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