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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. The challenge was so diabolical the queens couldn't have done anything more with it. It was an episode purely to create tension and for a scripted dressing down from Ru after how publicised the H&M moment was last year.

    It's weird how I find Ella, Scarlett, Kitty and Vanity to be very basic filler queens and yet they sent Charity home who has given so much more.

    And I'm a huge fan of Krystal but how the hell did she not get read for wearing the exact same outfit/hair from the challenge last week?
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  2. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Imagine thinking that this outfit looks cheap when a traditional Chinese wedding dress literally looks like this:


    River nailed it. If she'd added a jacket over the cheongsam she would literally have looked like she was about to get married.
  3. I don’t follow the T; River is just so charming in a way that’s completely natural and lacking of the self-production we’ve been getting at an alarmingly increasing rate.
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  4. Queens like River are why DRUK has resonated with fans who have grown weary towards the hyper-gloss of the original franchise, I think. There is as much fun to be had when she nails her aesthetics as when she doesn’t *quite* get there because she’s got loads of charm and personality and is generally just nice to watch. Not everyone needs to be an oiled up glamazon with a titanium tuck and a Fenty Savage show contract on lock.
  5. I always prefer watching the queens that feel closer to where British drag came from. So much of UK drag has a history of being.. a bit dodgy, and that's absolutely part of its charm. It's an artform that threw on a frock and a wig and shouted above bloke's voices in a working men's club, or did a turn at a seaside resort for a bunch of bemused pensioners, or took a £30 gig mouthing Proud Mary to a bunch of pissed punters in a regional gay pub. They welcome the audience in on the joke. Contestants like River (and Tia, and Cheryl, etc) can laugh at the fact they're a bit shit and it makes the show breathe so much more.
  6. Wow somebody ripping into River the week she won (by the judges critiques, and by anyone with eyes). If you don't understand her culture, that's one thing, but to attack those who saw it? No honey
  7. Where did they “rip into” or “attack” anyone? ddd you need to get a grip.
  8. Charity is a creative genius, and I admire her stubbornness and unwavering commitment to her own vision, but it’s just not the kind of thing that flies with the show.

    She seems like the kind of Queen absolutely destined to become an Enemy of World of Wonder™.
  9. I thought it looked a bit cheap, but I don't really care because I like her nn.
  10. Charity needs to head to Dragula the second her contract is up.

    Speaking of; Dragula season 4 and CDR Season 2 are airing and are both infinitely better if you need a drag fix, but want to jump ship here.
  11. The thing about Draglexa (god) is that yes, it was a rotten idea, (like all drag race comedy challenges) but there was an obvious path to victory still. Literally, they overthought the fuck out of it. You could’ve cut all the narrative, contrived bullshit, and just stole Lajanga catchphrases and snatched a win.

    “Draglexa, what’s the weather?”
    “It’s very dry, kinda like your vagina”

    “Draglexa, there’s an intruder in my house! Call 911”
    “Oh HONEY the intruder better not come for me, cause I’m young hung, and clearly don’t want to be murdered.”

    Actually funny? No. But it was an obvious assignment that probably would’ve satisfied Ru enough. I resent saying the Queens couldn’t have done any better with it, when the shit they came up with was worse than the concept itself.

    What’s worse is that Charity’s drag ASMR bit was the only decent joke in the entire thing and she went home because of a stunt.
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  12. Not even joking when I say I just cackled.

    You're right, they just totally missed the mark and it was painful (but I did chuckle at the ASMR bit in the rehearsal).

    Charity deserved a different show. She is not the right fit for this and Ru was never ever ever going to let her get too far. She just would never play by the rules enough.
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  13. BTG


    Yes, girls, you’re all doing a bit tew much on the challenge. Draglexa was hardly the most inspired thing the show has come up but it was a standard advertising challenge and was left entirely for the queens to improv.

    It wasn’t a case of the show giving them a shit script and shit characters to try and make gold with, they just… didn’t do very well.
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  14. Reading Charity’s exit interviews, she really does come across as “I didn’t like filming the show because I got some negative critiques”.
  15. The first thing I thought of was this (semi) viral video.

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  16. The River love is valid. Funny queen, very charming and likeable.

    She might not bring the lewks all the time (the new episode outfit is good) but she is doing her job as a drag queen on a TV show. I'm proud of my Chinese-Asian queen. Very nice to see some representation on the UK side of things.
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  17. Sorry but you can’t tell me Kitty straining for a shit wasn’t at least slightly funny
  18. I can and will. If that was the first time I'd seen someone go for constipation comedy, then sure. But at this point, I don't think it's even the first time we've seen it on Drag Race. It's just not funny.
  19. Poopy butt butt
  20. Ru not correcting this was… upsetting

    at least use your old witch powers for SOMETHING
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