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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. This week’s episode was so pointless. The lip sync song was great but that’s about it. Also, I know Russel Tovey needs to always make it clear he’s a “masc” gay or whatever but could he not have at least made some effort dressing up? Looking like he got lost and walked on to the set of Drag Race when he was on his way to Spoons with the lads.
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  2. And if he'd turned up with glitter make up on going 'yaaas', you would have all ripped him to shreds for that too because he's a 'masc' gay. He looked fine. The only person who has ever been offensively dressed on the panel is Meghan Trainor.
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  3. Enough is enough. When is Kim Woodburn being brought on as a guest judge?
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  4. I feel like Kitty is going to win, but only Krystal deserves.

  5. When will Ella Vadumbbell? Or Kitty Scott best_of_grindr?

  6. For the first time in drag race herstory, none of you have shown what it takes to be the UKs next drag superstar. Lawrence Chaney will continue to reign.
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  7. I actually think the level of drag Krystal does at 19 years old is really beyond and she probably deserves to win the most. Even though she is not technically the best at all the challenges Drag Race puts forward... Half of which are random shit anyways, let's be honest.
  8. Krystal's edit rubbed me the wrong way at the start but she truly is the only deserving winner of this season. This is worse than S13 - at least it was somewhat enjoyable seeing some of those queens fumble and crumble, and none of these UK girls are Tamisha Iman.
  9. Yeah I think I'm team Krystal too. She's not a hugely compelling personality but her level of polish is undeniable and she's done just enough to break out of the "fashion queen who can't perform" box. Her hair/makeup/styling this week was incredible.
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  10. Krystal is the one. You can see she lives and breathes drag.
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  11. MTV Holland (?) has started airing season 2 of Drag Race UK and, honestly, I'm getting my life all over again. The personality that had. The effortless iconicness that had. The quality that had. We were so spoiled.

    Out of the season 3 crop, I also agree that Krystal is the clear front-runner. She's been running circles around the other candidates from the get-go and - I know it's repeated a lot, by Ru and Michelle in particular, but it really does bear repeating - she's only 19. Although I don't think she'll be crowned in the end for that very reason (... which would be a shame).
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  12. I get the feeling they’re trying to set it up as an Ella and Kitty top 2… but I hope Krystal can still secure the win. I’ve warmed a lot to her this season. Though she started off strong, she’s been safe ever since week 3. But then again, Lawrence started strong then remained steady. So here’s hoping.
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  13. The thing is Krystal has deserved at least one more win since those first two, but anyways
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  14. polished drag and heart and soul. She should have won last week.
  15. Krystal's mug is honestly just obscene to me though ok boots hunty. Surgery Raven blahblah, but it's like...? Beautiful feels too pithy and bland a word for it? Not visceral enough. It's an act of aesthetic violence, Gerald. A glimpse into something eldritch and unknowable.
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  16. If Ella wins this... the Becky Hill of drag... scream.
  17. Even Krystal’s boy beat is immaculate. *looks at Kitty*
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  18. Can they do the right thing and crown Bimini in the season 3 finale?
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  19. Or Tayce and apologise to her.
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  20. Tayce strutting out, inches to the floor, for the top 3s inevitable group number and just reusing her verse from last year would be the ultimate serve.

    Also the way she out-dances the actual dancers is EVERYTHING.
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