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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. God, UK2 had such a strong cast. UK3 really could not compete.
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  2. The way I am far more invested in the Bake Off top 4 than the Drag Race top 4 this year.
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  3. Bra Wars: The Fempire Claps Back

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  4. Ella in the latest episode 'Cause I'm new to drag.'
  5. Ella's runway was criminal and the fact the judges didn't read her for filth is ridiculous.
  6. Ella gave me a good laugh in the roast.
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  7. Kitty’s parents being the embodiment of “owners that look exactly like their dogs” gave me more of a laugh than anything during the roast sets.
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  8. Those exaggerated laughs whenever Ella opens her mouth, like it just wasn’t that funny.
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  9. Nah, I was literally ranting to my boyfriend why Ella was dull at the start of this episode but she served confident and funny drag show host this episode and obliterated the others. Vanity spiralling but keeping a cheery mood was a kii. I’ve grown to appreciate this final 4 despite their shortcomings.

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  10. I'm not going to allow this narrative that Krystal can't do acting when she was the best in the star whores or whatever challenge and was one of the only watchable ones in the commercial.
  11. “I don’t know who they are!” was funnier than everyone’s roasts put together.

    Having said that I can’t disagree with the placements this week.
  12. The whole narrative surrounding Krystal is so strange to me, as if they’re trying to paint her as a fashion only queen. She’s certainly proven herself to be competent in most areas, if not outstanding.
  13. Krystal is everything. And she's NINETEEEEEEN? I thought young yes but not that young. Her family was iconic too. She ate the lip-sync too. Win please.
  14. There’s something so endearing about Krystal, like she knew she wasn’t going to be good in the roast (she was fine), she wanted to go first to get it out of the way so she did. She tried her best and was happy with that
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  15. I quite like Ella.
  16. Also sorry for the double post but Krystal was incredible in that lipsync. The hunger in her performance was just dripping from her. The hair flips and choreo were giving me Britney. You just know she's been dancing in her bedroom like that for years.
  17. I’m absolutely Team Krystal but last year’s shitshow went to prove that it doesn’t really matter who they crown. There’s nothing outside of a title at stake anyway (and a WOW Presents+ show that nobody has ever watched and honestly sounds like a horrible fit for anybody that’s not Kitty).

    Krystal genuinely seems to live and breathe drag in a way that all the pieces may not fit right now (though this narrative that she’s struggled her way through is not it) but I’m excited to see how she can grow and continue to elevate her craft over time. The other two… I don’t want to keep ripping into them but I’m happy for the season to end next week and to forget they exist altogether.
  18. The Ella tweet having the most likes so far… that’s so upsettin’
  19. Ella Vaday is really important and vital representation on television for boring people.
  20. Vanity - who gave us exactly one good thing in the entire season and not a single amusing confessional - getting this far over Choriza is a literal crime. Imagine how chaotic miss May's roast would have been?
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