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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I don’t want to be nasty for no reason but I really honestly don’t know what’s more embarrassing - whether Ella’s talking heads or her runway looks.
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  2. Krystal HAS to win. She grew on me immensely over the course of the season and just has it all. Very Violet in Season 7 - Immensely fashionable, but so much more than just that. And while it has been ages since her two challenge wins, she has never faded into the background (she should 100% have won the Fugly Pageant as well but that's a story for another day) and has remained a constant presence. And tbh, 2 wins is more than enough to win.

    While I quite like Kitty, it would feel kinda redundant to crown a comedy queen for the third time in a row. But she's very charming and referential and made for a lovely narrator this season - although no one will ever compare to Tia Kofi.

    Ella Vaday... I mean... She's a beautiful guy, a talented singer and performer and it's obvious that she's very down to earth and a good person, but nothing about her - aside from her Snatch Game - was particularly exciting. Even her runways are only fine at best, although the judges seem to be eating it up for some bizarre reason. She deserved all of her four wins, but she still does not stand out like a frontrunner. Doesn't help that she hasn't had one bit of narrative or development this season. She's there and she delivers in almost all the challenges, but does not scream "winner" even one bit.
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  3. I had a bad experience with Kitty once so I hope Krystal wins xo
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  4. Also, looking at each of the queen's wins and high points and how much they dominated that week helps underline why Krystal should be the winner of the season:


    Episode 1 - Complete domination, polished, perfection and a killer opening to the season

    Episode 2 - Sorta questionable win, but the challenge was a mess anyway. Looked insanely stunning tho.

    Episode 3 - Best looks of the night by a landslide. Yes, she had help with the sewing, but so did Scarlett, and it was Krystal's design so the final product is 100% hers. Should have won and it's kinda laughable that she didn't.

    Episode 7 - Best looks of the night. Baffling how she didn't win. Gave a completely different face every time and pulled off in less than an hour what other queens wouldn't be able to do in four.

    Episode 8 - (Idk if she's to be counted as Safe or High here, but I'm gonna go with High) Struggled a bit in the acting challenge, but ultimately delivered a solid performance and pushed herself a lot. Danced circles around the others on the runway.

    -> Had 3 weeks were she was absolutely show-stopping.


    Episode 2 - Great performance, deserved her High placement.

    Episode 4 - She was unlucky to be in the losing girl group, but her verse was really good and she showcased what she does best.

    Episode 6 - Good (if predictable) Snatch Game, but would have been safe at best on any other season. Cute runway, but missed the theme a bit.

    Episode 7 - Killed the first two categories, completely missed the mark in the third. Should have just been High.

    Episode 8 - Slayed the house down. Should have 100% won the challenge by herself. This was her shining week.

    Episode 9 - Good roast, stunning runway. Thought she would be funnier, but very solid performance overall.

    -> Had 1-2 weeks were she was absolutely show-stopping.


    Episode 3 - Had no business being High. Literally the definition of Safe.

    Episode 4 - Her verse and vocals were fine, expected a bit more from a trained musical theatre performer tbh. Really cute runway tho.

    Episode 6 - Murdered the challenge. Amazing Snatch Game and was light years ahead of everyone else that week. Very basic runway tho.

    Episode 7 - Really good looks. Deserved her high placement.

    Episode 8 - Good performance in the acting challenge, but the absolute worst look of the night. Also, she didn't know the words to the lip sync song so I have no idea why she won as well. Felt kinda unnecessary tbh.

    Episode 9 - Best performance in the roast, but there were a bunch of recycled jokes in there. Great overall tho. That runway tho... Prison, honey.

    -> 1-2 weeks were she was absolutely show-stopping.

    In conclusion: Krystal might have had the lowest lows of the three (although she was never inherently bad in any of the challenges), but in turn also the highest highs and over the course of the season received more praise from the judges than any other queen this season. #TeamKrystal
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  5. Spill.
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  6. Omg spillllll!
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  7. Ella's drag is for straight people.

  8. Krystal ATE that lipsync Up.

    Let her win, please.
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  9. I'm firmly Team Krystal but she'd still be one of my least favourite winners of all time. Ella would be the worst winner of all time, bar none.
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  10. I think they’ll give Ella the crown just so they finally tick off the “moderately attractive white man out of drag” winner box.
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  11. Ella is basically the fourth member of Stephanie's Child

  12. Ella standing in the top 4 in the flattest blue wig when Vanity has been read for her wigs every week was…something. The prospect of that void of personality fumbling their way through their own show is mind numbing.
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  13. Attaching this gif at this size and it not behind a spoiler tag?

  14. Island

    Island Staff Member

    River looked gorgeous in the audience.

    Ella’s outfit in the roast was awful.
  15. I’m sorry I know it’s unpopular here and I would’ve never believed this week 1-4 but Ella deserves to win at this point. Argue with the wall.
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  16. Ella having the strongest run of any contestant ever while doing absolutely nothing of note is so disorienting.
  17. Would you say she weaponized her BFA?
  18. I'd feel a little better if Ella only had 3 badges. She definitely didn't deserve one last week.
  19. Krystal not winning would be the final cherry on top of the shit sundae that was this season, so I fully expect it to happen.
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  20. Judging by the edit I’d say they see her as a distant third, which is wild.
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