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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. The S3 tour has like 20 less shows than the S2 tour eek.
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  2. Is there going to be a behind the scenes doc of season 2? Like the tour doc for season 1?
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  3. The counting of badges at the beginning of each episode is really dull.
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  4. I wonder if that's because of them going on the safe side with two drag race UK tours in one year.

    And so much has been pushed into 2022 they might struggle to get venues.
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  5. Or struggle to fill them ddd
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  6. Ella is such a charisma vacuum, Tia is trying her hardest but there is no joy in this interview whatsoever. Even her comments hitting back at the fans calling her boring was... boring.

    So weird to think of her as a potential winner. What would her World of Wonder series be about!?
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  7. Why I think she really won't win.
  8. Cheeky Girls cosplaying.

    You just know they'll invent a 'Drag Queen is actually Hot Dude!' series.
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  9. Are they still doing a web series as the top prize?

    I haven’t seen a Lawrence Chaney series on WOW. I assumed because The Vivienne’s show was really bad they have canned the idea.
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  10. I assume because of the pandemic that Lawrence hasn't been able to fly to Hollywood (which is the prize seemingly) to actually create and film something.
  11. Laurence finished filming his WOW series last month.
  12. I think the winner will actually come down to the last episode this time, for the first time in a while with Drag Race
  13. What was The Vivienne's series? The TV thing?
  14. I feel very attacked!

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  15. Nowhere near as bad as Ellie Diamond.

    Also I hate to say it but can you really see them crowning Krystal when the prize is to film a series in Hollywood, where you have to be 21 to enter drinking establishments? I'm sure a bunch of Vivienne's was filmed in clubs in West Hollywood (I didn't watch it myself so I could be wrong).
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  16. The prospect of sitting through Ella’s uncomfortable, awkward scripted response to potentially winning the show tonight…
  17. I want Krystal to win, but if she doesn't, I'd rather it be Kitty.
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  18. We were robbed of a good season and top 3 though?
  19. They should really have a better prize.

    Making a show with the BBC would be better because the BBC sending you to World of Wonder seems like a punishment.
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