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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Also I’m so glad Ella didn’t win(!)
  2. Ella had one of the worst looks (and mug) of the season for her finale extravaganza runway.
    Krystal is in a completely different league.
  3. Also what was with Ella in that lipsync? At least know the song that you're lipsyncing to win.
  4. This is so nitpicky as someone who doesn't even do drag but Ella's mug has always seemed slightly "off" to me. I don't know if she needs more blush, more contouring, or what, but she always looks unfinished.
  5. Did anyone else hear Ed Sheeran when Ella was singing adfggshd
    Fantastic ending! so happy for Krystal that finale LEWK!
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  6. "But the thing I've always liked about her on the runway is, it's never just an outfit, there's always a story".

  7. I would be happy for them to completely stop with the badge giving from now on. I can't take another conversation on 'how many badges do you have?'.
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  8. Ella will be sooooooooo pissed, after boasting about her badges for half the season.

  9. I really didn't see it after the nightmarish dominance of Ella and Kitty these last few episodes but it would have been crazy to crown anyone other than Krystal after this episode. Not only is she obviously in a different lane taste/looks-wise but she's also high-key the most naturally funny and the best lipsyncer out of the three...

    I was really surprised Ella bombed that lipsync so hard though ??

  10. I actually like a finale remix?
  11. Me after going on twitter and seeing the straights kicking off that Ella didn't win.

  12. It's so funny to me how Ru always walks into the UK seasons on the first day, picks the queen he wants to win there and then, and doesn't pay any attention to anything that happens subsequently. Total disregard!

    Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted Ella didn't win, but the way production were pushing her, the narrative actively undermining and sidelining Krystal, wins on wins, milking her generic hotboy status for massive audience support... and it doesn't matter because Ru clearly picked the winner weeks ago, just like he did with Vivienne and Lawrence. Miss thing said she already ordered!

    At least this time it was a good thing. Congrats to Krystal. Now let's hope the even numbered seasons are stronger than the odd.
  13. The winner is correct. The best U.K. winner yet.
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  14. Wow, I'm so happy to be wrong! Krystal killed it tonight!




    I'm really made up for her, she completely deserved it in the end. Ella completely bombed the lip-syncs - what was going on, she was giving 1%.
  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Congrats to Krystal, the deserved and actual winner!
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  16. Veronica looked gorgeous. Where was that when she was competing?
  17. Her Christmas look was stunning, face was beat, and hair luscious. Yeah, where was that?
  18. I'M SO HAPPY! Krystal's finale look is one of my favourites on any season ever? She just embodies a star. I'm so proud of her.
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