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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    And therein lies your answer hahahahaha
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  2. If I wanted to see a hot person I would like…go outside and people watch for a while it’s not like Ella has some magnetic force or charisma dddd
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  3. I don't have disdain for Ella like most of you, but that wigline is haunting my dreams
  4. That lip sync was probably the worst in DRUK so far. I love both those queens but it certainly wasn’t a stretch by any means for them to be eliminated.
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  5. Ella is funny and kinda charming.

    Is she insufferable? Yes. Can she spell? No. Does she bring the lewks? No.

    She’s an average drag queen. I’d take her over Rose any day of the week.
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  6. Ella seems like a nice person but I get the impression she plays a drag queen rather than is a drag queen.

    Krystal and Kitty have pretty set personalities and looks. I don’t know what Ella’s are. And basically in her narratives she is just doing things she’s seen other queens do.
  7. First time in a while I’m not captivated by anyone in the top 3. Krystal is extremely talented but I feel like something’s missing, she’s just not it, for me. I mean, after a second season where they had a cast with Tayce, A’whora and Bimini, anything after that feels bland af.
  8. I also appreciated Veronica’s nude look. When we saw glimpses of it during the werkroom reunion before the runway, I was very undecided but it definitely pulled focus and made me want to see the whole thing.

    Also, when the final three were doing impressions of the other queens, the person who remarked that Kitty imitates other people/huns so much of the time that she doesn’t have a voice of her own to impersonate was dead on (and I don’t even think it was intended as a read).
  9. I totally get the comparisons (and maybe I'm misremembering how annoying Rose was) but Rose's drag was significantly more elevated and (barely) possessing of a point of view than Ella. It was still..unremarkable. But better than Ella.
  10. Oh god I totally disagree about Rose being better than Ella. Rose pulled out some of the fucking ugliest drag I've ever seen.

    I'm not hugely offended by Ella. I actually quite like her. But I can agree she's not elevated enough to be a worthy winner. And that finale look was absolutely disgusting and probably would have won her the fugly challenge.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I mean... Ella is good-looking and all, but you could just as easily say that about Vanity, Scarlett or River. Then again, Ella is the only person who fits a certain predetermined type of gay attractiveness, and unlike the other three she doesn't really have much else to make her stand out in the crowd, I guess.
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  12. Ella fits the “generic white with muscles = attraction” angle that the producers and the fans seem to love. So much of the support for Ella on social is literally people just thirsting on him out of drag which is tedious that that is your selling point as a drag queen. But production know that and play into it just as much as the audience do. The whole “trade” narrative is tedious when the majority of the audience and queens themselves don’t even know the history of the term, let alone when one walks in with it as their personality.
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Dddd this is why it was so entertaining when All Stars this year featured a whole discussion in which different queens clearly had very different ideas about what 'trade' means.
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  14. Correct. Rose’s Devil look was good and altho lacking in identity she brought slightly more than Ella in the looks department. My comment was about who I’d prefer to see more *IF I HAD TO* of among those two, when compared, and it’d be Ella.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Choosing between Ella and Rosé

  16. Ella didn’t deserve to win, and I’m glad she didn’t. Especially in regards to that last outfit. But in no way did I find her as dull as Rose.

    To be fair, none of the queens in this series made me give up watching. I still haven’t bothered finishing Season 13. Shout out to Symone, and Tamisha though.
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  17. Choriza is hotter than Ella but some aren’t ready for that conversation
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  18. Choriza was the trade of the season and let that be known.
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  19. There was no trade this season.
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  20. I watched the finale wasted in a hotel room and couldn't stop laughing. It's simply unfair how much we won. There was no way the universe in which i exist would crown the likes of Ella Vaday over someone who served us a look this good:


    Naur it's phloo it's phloo

    An underwhelming season ultimately capped off with some cute episodes and a great winner. The types who are sad about the outcome are the same people who vehemently stan the likes of Denali and Rose so... white noise!

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