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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Choriza needed to be traded to a better season.
  2. Choriza is a really enjoyable queen but she needs to get some experience and perhaps come back in the future. Her personality shines but she was hardly well prepared for the competition.
  3. Choriza deserves to stomp an All Stars season.
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  4. I'd argue that Choriza had some of the most varied and polished runways we've seen on DRUK. She has a clear point of view and aesthetic and yet switched it up depending on the theme. Her first week looks were some of my favourite looks of the whole season.

    Considering Kitty's bizarre shoulder pads and Ella's Ebay drag made it to the final three, I think she was more than prepared for the competition by comparison.
  5. Watching Bimini and Tayce slay at the Fashion Awards, I feel so ... emotional and proud? Like, "those are my girls". They really deserve the world.
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  6. They all got cast in December before a lockdown and then had to film through the end of the lockdown, cut them a bit of slack
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  7. After not being able to perform for god knows how long! Choriza literally CRIED at being able to physically hug somebody after months of not being able to!
  8. Curious as to what everyone’s dream UK All Stars lineup would be??
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  9. Divina, Tia, Bimini, River, Tayce, Chroizo, Sum Ting, Cheryl.
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  10. Bimini and Tayce just the two of them for 12 episodes.
  11. Bimini, Tayce, Divina, Sum Ting, Anubis, Tia, Joe, Cherry, Victoria, Choriza, Asttina.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Do we all hate Blu Hydrangea now or something?
  13. Sum Ting's progressively exhausted confessionals were a highlight of S1 for me so I'd love her in an All Stars.

    I think Bimini in particular might swerve it, honestly. I'm not sure what she'd get out of it at this point compared to some of the other girls.
  14. Bimini, Tayce, Sum Ting, Ginny, Vinegar (because of the Tayce drama and someone has to go home first), Asttina, Tia, Choriza, River, Victoria, Divina

    BUT I’d need them to be flown to the US and win actual prizes. A badge is embarrassing for All Stars.

    I kinda figured we weren’t including her because of her involvement in another show coming up
  15. That Veronica look I can’t really get on board with, but hair and make up is the best she’s ever looked. Stunning.

    Sadly, or not, Ella did the opposite. Her worst make up, her worst lip sync, her worst hair for the finale. Ouch.

    That said, I do think her verse in Hey Sis was great, as was Krystal’s. The rhythms they both chose were interesting. Kitty’s - as much as I love her - was so regurgitated from other Drag Race songs, content and rhythm, that it was kinda painful.

    I could feel the Krystal win coming and honestly she screamed winner the most to me, I’m happy enough.

    My UK AllStars: Blu, Tayce, Bimini, Choriza, River, Cherry, Sum Ting, Crystal, Tia, Anubis
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  16. Divina, Cheryl, Blu, Bimini, Tayce, Tia, Asttina, Kitty, Choriza, River.

    Wouldn't be to mad if Crystal, Sum Ting, Joe, Ginny, Cherry or Charity came back too. The UK cast is really quite outstanding so far (although we'll probably end up getting Baga, A'Whora or Ella).
  17. If they do an AS for the UK, it’ll be the AS2 levels of amazingness I believe. Especially with the dream cast we have.

    Ella (send her home on the first episode)
  18. Say what you will about her personality or undeserved wins but comments like this make me very uncomfortable.
  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Mostly an attempted dig at her being marketed as the trade of the season but it has been removed. Comedy should be fun, not mean spirited. My apologies!
  20. The only way Bimini should come back for All Stars is to host it, and the only way Tayce should come back is if Rupiah isn't working there anymore
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