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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Bimini has done better than any contestant in all continents since Bianca... Ru needs them more.
  2. I mean I am not sure this is true. Considering how much some people on here have hated basically every one on and all aspects of Season 3 and still watched it. Same with Season 13 of the US. It feels like people will watch the show regardless.
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  3. All I'm saying is Bimini has nothing to gain from doing the show again.
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  4. I don't think either Bimini or Tayce need All Stars. They're both been absolutely slaying since season 2 ended.

    You could say someone like Trixie didn't really need to go back either but she got 100 grand out of it and felt like she had a point to prove after her season 7 performance. I don't feel like Bimini or Tayce need to prove a single thing, especially for 'free' and considering how high their profiles already are.
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  5. Tayce in particular would be a fool to go back. The back handed compliments and under handed digs she endured from the judges would only be increased during All Stars. She doesn't need that and she doesn’t need Rupaul.
  6. (Don't they have to go back as per their contracts? Or is that in the US only?)
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  7. Just looked at the ticket sales for the S3 tour after about a week and it's bad.

    London has sold well but some venues have sold less than a hundred or two.
  8. I mean I am confused as to why this tour is nearly a year away? At this rate seasons 4 and 5 would have aired by then.

    Edit: I just realised the season 2 tour also isn't happening until Q1 2022 (a year since airing) but it looks like it's mostly sold out. Oop.
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  9. Well they did go on sale back in March
  10. I concur that Bimini and especially Tayce are better off not coming back to the show, I hope if they are ever called they tell the show to shove it. I can see a good cast of:
    Crystal, Blu, Cheryl, Asstina, A'wh*ra Ellie, River, Choriza, Scarlett, and Tia. With Tia winning and sending A'Wh*ra packing ideally early in the season. Hell, for a fashion challenge!
  11. I'll feel totally betrayed if Tia comes back all glammed up. I want her to win the season while looking like a busted mess every single episode.
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    If Bimini or Tayce ever return for anything, RuPaul and production better kiss every little last hint of their asses. They've done sooooo much for the franchise in terms of seeing queer people that delve into discussions of gender and developing in a supportive family that doesn't need to be chosen. There's a new generation of people experiencing their queerness, and RuPaul's approach is ridiculously outdated.
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  13. I feel like a lot of these queens do it for the exposure and fame, another season could easily reboost they’re followings etc bookings etc for another few years! Even queens like Bimini and Tayce.

    also been thinking about s3 and ‘Dutty Rice’ is the biggest reach for a catchphrase in a while and it’s not even funny
  14. If UK All Stars doesn’t have Bimini or Tayce, then what’s the point?
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  15. Literally.
    Most of the All Stars seasons are designed just to hand wins to people who either RuPaul loves but the storyline didn't really fit them winning, Or people who got "robbed" so I could definitely see Bimini winning- or Tayce if Bimini doesn't appear... or if they were to split them to separate seasons.
  16. It was irritating and desperate.
  17. And Tia.
  18. Do we really think that Ru would let Tayce win? Mama doesn't like her, it's quite clear.
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  19. Join me in a prayer huns to manifest this outcome into existence. Tia’s glow up from Season 2 has been an absolute joy to see. She is constantly turning lewks while staying booked and busy. The heart of Season 2. We stan a legend!
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