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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. What kind of unnecessary 'beef'?
  2. The S3 tour ticket sales are giving "it's with a heavy heart that, due to scheduling conflicts..."

    If you don't go through a decent casting process and fill a season with a bunch of mediocre queens, and throw out a bunch of personalities/potential favourites early on, don't expect fans to be throwing money at a live show just because the franchise's name is on it. There's enough regional Klub Kidz tours going on to keep drag fans fed all year round now.
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  3. Krystal was suppose to be at AXM in Glasgow tomorrow but has been cancelled apparently.
  4. Elektra’s padding is a thing of nightmares, and her finale look was the cheapest looking thing I’ve ever seen walk down the runway but somehow I just don’t care. I wish she had stuck around longer.

    Always and forever, the pocket rocket queen.
  5. It probably doesn't help that Season 3 didn't have a Break Up Bye Bye/UK Hun moment either. I imagine just seeing those songs performed live was a pretty big draw for a lot of people. Absolutely no-one is booking a ticket to go and see Big Drag Energy performed again.
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  6. She knows.
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  7. This 100%, you can't underestimate the power of a pop hit. I remember checking for Tour / UK Kingdolls tickets when UK Hun was performed on the show.
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  8. Jesus, Ellie Diamond is feeling the heat online today after posting a video of her routine with her playing a child character (Cindy Lou Who) masturbating, saying it was her proudest moment.

    She's then followed it up complaining that the TERFS are coming for her. She's definitely attracted some unwanted attention for sure, but actually a lot of replies to her are from fans who are suggesting that depicting and sexualising a very young child was perhaps not the hill to die on.
  9. Maybe if she was straight you'd defend ha?
  10. Insinuating that I'd support anyone, never mind their sexuality, depicting a sex act on a child?

    Are you damaged? I have a young child. How fucking dare you.
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  11. Yes, thanks!

    And the way you've swanned in with the TERF lines, mama I'm gonna need you to take a breather. She's a grown adult in drag not a child, in an adult drag setting fff
  12. Her words, not mine.
  13. Straight man does drag: 48xposts on the forum being hypocritical, insensitive and intolerant gatekeepers.

    Ellie Diamond summons the twitter TERFs that are literally calling her a pervert and a paedophile: she's definitely attracted some unwanted attention, let me inform the forum.
  14. Because we can't talk about both things? Isn't that literally the purpose of a forum? What have my thoughts on Ellie's routine got to do with my feelings on a straight person doing drag? How are they connected?
  15. Back to Ella Vaday's horrific final look for a second - still not over how bad it was. That wig...
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  16. The bottom of the dress and the shoes finished me off. It was offensive.

  17. They are so fun together.
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  18. *Bi-weekly check on season 3 queens insta followings vs. season 2 queens insta followings*

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