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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Lawrence Chaney struggled with the choreo more than Ant and Dec did. Song’s a bit of a bop.
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  2. Viv really was off on the lip sync. Considering it was pre recorded it was really jarring
  3. Remember when she didn't know who Alan Turing was?

    Critise Divina all you like but she is very tapped into queer history and genuinely seems to want to leave people more educated about it than before they met her.
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  4. Ant looks like Morgan McMichaels
  5. Ant was definitely living for his moment. They both looked great and quite amazing to see the franchise go absolutely major Prime Time. Lawrence and Vivienne struggled in parts but it was a fun bit.
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  6. Island

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    Ooh Ant was having the time of his life.
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  7. oh werk, Ellis is so damn talented. I hope she's on a future UK season to be honest.
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    Island Staff Member

  9. Holy shit, in that 2nd picture from Raven's post, Ant looks like Jesy Nelson. Dead.
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  10. They dragged them too well if you know what I mean. It's not fun if it's a completely new person dd.
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  11. Jesy was trending on Twitter after the performance.
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  12. Is there week 3 update of this by any chance?
  13. No diagram, but the person who makes them on Reddit posted this:

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  14. Giving credit where it's due Vivienne really has big winner energy.
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  15. - Queens always gain from returning!

    The queens:
  16. Oh really? I'm not surprised but that's amazing. It's really uncanny in that photo.

    It's on WOW+ everywhere but the UK I think.

    But if you're accessing it by other means, then no, it's not difficult to find.
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  17. Obsessed with the idea of 148 people simultaneously unfollowing her as soon as she turned the corner wearing that dusty wig and horrific snake outfit.
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    londonrain Staff Member

    Meanwhile Lemon continues to rack up followers despite not even being in the competition.

    Now that's Big Drag Energy.
  19. Skinny white blonde queen with an apparent robbed narrative in high Instagram followers shock.
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  20. Pangina getting more followers every week than all the other girls combined...Love to see it
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