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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Bimini sharing a post from here when their season premiered still makes me scream

  2. Let's give the original content some retrospective promo, streams and likes too xx
  3. Someone's posted a video of Ella Vaday slaughtering Whenever Wherever from whatever tour the S3 girlies are doing...

    I mean, I'd need a refund
  4. Well the covid got me at last.

    I have two tickets for Kylie Sonique at Boom Box in Belfast tomorrow if anyone is thinking of going (I know this is not exactly the right thread... but either is season 14),2

    Me naiively thinking covid would all be over when I booked these. Clown emoji.
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  5. The first mistake.
  6. I was just there last weekend!
  7. Well Bim’s out of the tour for a bit. I was supposed to go but friends got Covid. This would have been the second show I’ve been to that they missed due to covid. Damn Rona! upload_2022-3-30_13-43-6.png
  8. I'm going on Saturday, I hope they're back by then. Wishing them a speedy recovery regardless.
  9. Announced today that the show has been nominated for a (proper) BAFTA on top of the viewer voted category.

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  10. For Season 3, or is Season 2 included in the timescales... as it deserves one for that.
  11. Looks like they’ve deleted the tweet? Hoping it’s a false positive as I’m also meant to be seeing them tomorrow.

    EDIT: Yep, they’ve just tweeted it again. Will be the 3rd time they’ve cancelled on me.
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  12. “Constructed Factual” has dystopian vibes.
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  13. The way I didn’t even question this wouldn’t be real for a good 10 minutes…
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  14. The one decent promo shot of Ru from the last decade...
  15. I went 'Tayce's to win'!
  16. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Bimini is a part of the Sunday lineup at Download Fest.
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  17. Saw the Season 2 tour last weekend in Ipswich, the show was amazing! I even got a shout out from Tia onstage which was super cute.
  18. Always here for some more Tia content.

  19. When he says "Gentleman!" and Tia looks distressed "Not you."
    ... I died.
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  20. Potentially time for a thread rename, as Mel B has been officially announced as a guest judge for UK S4 - it's a Daily Star article so I'm loathed to link to it, but it's out there if you want to read it. That makes her the fourth Spice Girl judge on the UK show (Geri S1, Mel C S3, Emma S3), and the second to have a second slot judging on the show (after appearing on the iconic 'Shakesqueer' on US S7; Emma appeared on both AS3 and UK S3).

    Other rumoured judges are:

    Tess Daly and Alison Hammond!
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