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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I would love it if Paul O'Grady would join, it would be so symbolic and a heartwarming TV moment

    I don't think he's a fan of the show though
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  2. I always find it interesting that they’ve not had Jonathan Ross on when he was trying to get it made for so long, maybe he’s bitter?
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  3. SHUSH. Don't give them any ideas. Keep him away please.
  4. Has Olly Alexander ever been on it? He feels like an obvious guest judge.
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  5. Good
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  6. I swear Ella made a big deal about people requesting her then private non drag insta. But now seems to have made it public.
  7. Her drag account has more photos of her out of drag than in drag.
  8. Alison would be great. I’d really love to see Davina on there one day too.
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  9. This would be amazing!
  10. Random fact - I've been dating someone for a few months now and he just told me he auditioned for the Pit Crew twice (seasons 1 and 2) but got knocked back as he was told they weren't looking for guys with tattoos.

    How....odd? He has some tattoos on his chest/shoulder area but they're pretty innocuous, definitely not obscene/controversial in any way. Not even particularly in your face.

    Seems strangely old-fashioned unless there's a good reason for it from a production standpoint I'm just not aware of. Any ideas?
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  11. Yeah, commercial productions avoid tattoos at all costs because technically you are supposed to clear the actual artwork from the artist to feature the tattoo on screen.
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  13. Celebrity Drag Race UK
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  14. Names! some allegedly famous!
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  15. I'm really surprised Ru isn't involved...
  16. Myra Dubois tweeted that she was involved as well.
  17. That’s me 100% not watching then, the guy who does her is a proper dick.
  18. I've never met her in or out of drag, I was just thinking that it would be good for a non Ru girl to get some primetime exposure. Disappointing to hear she's not nice though.
  19. I've seen Myra perform and she was hilarious.
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  20. I didn’t debate that, I said that the person who does her isn’t nice.
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