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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. All you need from season 3

  2. Yep, the path to the final three on S3 was very odd. Pushing Ella as a frontrunner with 4 wins and one of the best track records ever, but simultaneously airing repeated criticisms from her fellow cast members that she was 'dull' is one of the strangest editing decisions I recall from the show - not that the audience wasn't able to tell Ella was dull themselves, but it just felt odd from production to lean into a rather damning criticism for a Drag Queen/reality show contestant further, knowing she was making the final. Krystal felt like an immediate threat out of the gate with a double win, plus offering a very different frontrunning character compared to Viv and Lawrence, but then they pulled a Lawrence and started plaguing her second-half with a lot of negatives, doubts that she had talents beyond looks etc. And they did absolutely nothing towards building Kitty as a genuine threat beyond servicing her as a confessional queen acting as a mouthpiece for Love of Huns.

    Decimating the best characters from the cast mid-season created a huge impact, but they really didn't help themselves in building a strong case for those they had left.

    Thankfully, looking at the S4 finalists, we don't appear to have the same issue.
  3. I watched Celebrity Lingo being filmed the other day and Ru asked Lawrence Chaney and Tia Kofi if they were on the same season.
  4. I dreamed about a week ago that I had access to time travel and what I decided that I would do with that miraculous gift was go back and apply for UK 3 and completely rip off Jinkx's AS7 run.
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  5. The fact I too don’t know dd
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  6. Flop fan.
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  7. In fairness, Ru has been a judge across over 20 seasons. He's lucky to still remember they ever competed.
  8. The Drag Race UK Twitter account in the past 10 mins has retweeted many tweets asking them when the promo for season 4 is dropping.

    Looks like it's coming, girls.
  9. MB


    Love a runwfoury.
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  10. I hope Tia Kofi is on this season.
  11. The only reason I'll watch this season is if Black Peppa is on the cast.
  12. I'm only watching if Veronica Green comes back. The Shangela of the UK.
  13. I have my fingers crossed for Starlet, I am obsessed with her looks on TikTok.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. The only reason I'll watch this season is if Rupaul and Michelle are no longer on the judging panel.

    Who am I kidding. I'll continue watching it.
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  16. Guest judges for this season.
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  17. What @Aidan said but with pictures!

    Also, when are they going to give us Alexandra Burke?
    OK.COM thank you.
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  18. Sadly Michelle will be sitting there not understanding anything about the queens and their drag plus all the references / jokes will be lost in translation.
  19. Tess Daly? Cancel the season.
  20. Cathy Dennis people!
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