RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)


Would absolutely love to see them do an FKA Twigs lip sync, especially to something like Two Weeks or Water Me, but if they didn’t do it for Tove Lo or Jessie Ware I don’t think there’s much hope…
Didn't he chain an escort to a radiator, beat him up and never apologized because he thought it is not dignified?

And his problematic stance on trans and gender issues. I wish networks will stop giving him a platform, especially on such a queer-centric platform.

Everyone seems to forget that he was literally convicted of kidnapping. I remember at the time he said he did it because he was addicted to drugs and people just… accepted it and moved on. I never brought that. Addiction does not give you a free pass if you do something terrible. It informs why you did it but you still need to be held accountable, which Boy George never was.

And his views on trans rights and pronouns? Get it in the fucking bin and stay there.