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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. These girls are gonna eat Starlet up nfndnd
  2. Been busy with the new school year, and only seen bits about this today, but just fucking crown Black Peppa and save us the hassle. I know little about her but can already tell she is one of the best queens to ever exist.
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  3. I am firmly Team Danny.
  4. This season feels like it’s going to be great and already giving me more hope than the last. They’re all so polished!

    Except Just May
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  5. Danny Beard is going to get the Ginny/Charity “weirdo we don’t know what to do with” edit and go home in like episode 4, let’s not get our hopes up.
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  6. As long as Cheddar doesn't get that edit, I'll be OK.
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  7. Something about Baby has me ENAMOURED
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  8. Cheddar Gorgeous is amazing. Adore her drag and out of drag he is so sexy.
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  9. Just May is serving first out like no other queen before
  10. The cast is absolutely stacked and I cannot wait for things to get started.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The fact all she had to say was her love for Ginger Spice…..

    Overall this cast seems lit - Black Peppa, Baby, Sminty all stand out for me so far.
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  12. Seeing all the season 3 girls' tour antics and everyone just looks so basic when next to Krystal, that mug and silhouette is beyonddd.
  13. Dairy doesn't often agree with me but I am going to make an exception for Cheddar. I adore Drag SOS and I hope they bring it back, we need something like that again.

  14. Amazed that the "House of Kendoll" is a thing. There really is room for everybody.
  15. There's more houses for Drag Queens then there for the homeless
  16. I heard this has been delayed? Please confirm. I need to see Black Pepa take the crown!
  17. BBC isn't allowed to air new comedy programs for two weeks following the queen's passing, the premiere is scheduled for two weeks to the day and they'll be behind on Canada and Down Under so a delay is suspected, but I don't think anything has been confirmed yet.
  18. Sminty was one of my least faves on first impression, but she certainly knows what matters

  19. If it is delayed it will only be by a week or two. No big deal. Personally, I wouldn't mind a slight delay between DRDU and DRUK. A few weeks without Michelle would be most welcome.

    That said, programming looks like it is getting back to the regular scheduling for the most part and by 22 September I would imagine everything will be back to normal until the Coronation of the new King. Let's hope the BBC isn't showing any franchises of DR as toys might be thrown again.

    Black Peppa is in my Top 3 along with Danny and Cheddar. Going to be a fantastic 10 weeks!
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  20. I've been a Cheddar super-stan since I saw her speak in this Netflix video last year (starts at 28 mins). Articulate, smart, wise, potentially very fun because she's so objective about the whole thing.

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