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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Like this post if you would take a bullet for Black Peppa
  2. BTG


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  3. What a cast!
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  4. As expected the cast feel pretty stacked but Black Peppa and Cheddar are eating this up.

    Baby's second look was so, so, good.
  5. BTG


    It’s been a long while since I’ve seen such an obvious first out in a cast.

    The course correct from last year is real.
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  6. Pixie Polite is giving me Kitty Scott-Claus…
  7. Call me biased, but I'm surprised
    was safe, I thought her looks and presentations were fantastic.
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  8. I'm also surprised. Also Starlet in the top surprised me too.
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  9. But Pixie was funny.
  10. BTG


    Copper Topp gurning down that runway made me as irritated as I was when Utica did the same.
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  11. I thought Copper’s looks were great. Surprised the judges didn’t like it (but not surprised they didn’t get the first look)
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  12. This lip synch is boring AF.
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  13. Hehe
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  14. Let Them Know is that bop
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  15. Glad the Tory imitator went home first.
  16. This episode was incredible, I feel an absolute storm of a season coming along. Everything Drag Race UK is about and then some.

    Peppa gave me everything I needed and more. The iconic Cheddar Gorgeous entrance was everything.

    Protect Dakota at all costs, she is such a sweetheart. Starlet home next please.
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  17. Aww I’ve met the first eliminated queen and they were lovely but they were really out of their depth in that cast.
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  18. Starlet squeaking her way into a second week because the first week is always a runway challenge fjfnds
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  19. Really didn't understand the praise for Starlet. Can never understand why the skinny "fashion queens" get away with corsets and bikinis. I thought the fairy look was just... fine... it was a corset with some sparkly stuff stuck on it and a big piece of tulle stuck on the back
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