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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Jonbers had a really bonkers unexpectedly energy which I appreciated! Kinda reminded me of Choriza.

    Favs right now are Black Peppa, Cheddar, Jonbers, and Starlet (iconic flazeda energy)
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  2. Peppa really is that girl, isn’t she?

    I adore Cheddar’s energy and confessionals, but…none of the looks blew me away? As low-budget as the clown was, I at least thought it was a creative interpretation. The rest…I feel like I’ve seen before. I was surprised.

    I am so glad that Copper Topp stayed. There’s something so sincere and real about her.

    Dakota seems out of her depth, but so pure. I hope they protect that sweet summer child.

    Starlet is boring AF, but undeniably polished.

    Baby is a star.

    I don’t know who’s going home next, it’s terrifying to think about. Can we make this a non-elim season?!?
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  3. That was an incredibly strong opening. Peppa, Cheddar, Sminty and Jonbers seem incredible. Starlet and Baby seem awesome as well. Pixie seems sweet.

    I'm not a fan of queens with facial hair and Danny is giving my slightly more tolerable Vivienne vibes so far.

    Copper Topp and Dakota are clearly early outs. Dakota seems lovely but I feel Copper will get on my nerves quick, and gives midlife crisis pivot into drag.

    Haven't formed an opinion on Le Fil yet but I like her energy. So far her drag is pretty standard.

    Glad Just May is out. Yikes. Nothing like showing up to the competition and declaring you have no point of view, only to then double down on the runway and then during the judging conversation declare you can't even do makeup!
  4. Starlet’s confessionals hint at someone who’s actually just a bit of an endearing oddball but she looks positively lost on the runway and amongst the cast.

    Peppa ate that episode, thoroughly deserved win and her interpretation of Mr Blobby was was miles ahead of Danny’s.

    Think they did a bit much on Copper Topp to be honest, the Julie Walters look was fun and hit the brief.

    Sminty surprised in the sense that she didn’t come across as a complete cow. Whenever I’ve seen her (and any of the other Haus of Kendoll) they’ve just been in a club looking beautiful but standoff-ish and rude ddd

    Cheddar seemed to be just warming up. I loved the test card clown interpretation and her personality really shone.

    Le Fil was a delight and my surprise fave of the episode I think. All that orange hair whipping about during the mini challenge, stun!

    Dakota giving me Twiggy at points and seems just lovely. Patsy describing the train as humble sent me though I have to admit.

    An unsurprisingly strong start for the season.
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  5. It’s all about Peppa, Cheddar and Sminty after that first episode but I can tell Danny is going to come in strong too.

    The critiques around Copper’s first look were bullshit when the extent of the entire sketch is… somebody spilling soup on themselves and not really the sort of thing you can bring “peaks and valleys” too anyway. The second look, whilst well intentioned and clearly meaningful to her just felt so… laboured from the dodgy lettering to the pose needed to facilitate the “gag”, so I wasn’t too mad at a low placement even if I’d have put Pixie there for that second look.
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  7. Devastating news.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Heartbroken about Cherry! So cruel, she had so much talent.
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  10. RIP Cherry Valentine/George!
    What a shock!
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  11. This is such awful, tragic news. I met her recently at the Lady Gaga London gig and she was so lovely. An absolute talent that will be missed.
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  12. Cherry also worked in mental health in the NHS and a vaccination centre during the most brutal waves of the pandemic (and managed to fit in filming a season of Drag Race on top of that), a perfect example of queer people's ability to be just casually exceptional and iconic every day. A real loss.
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  13. Devastating news. I watched her documentary recently on Iplayer and she was so incredibly likeable and a genuinely lovely person. As said above, the work she did throughout the pandemic would have helped so many lives.

    I hate how underused she was on her season. Her drag was impeccable and I’m sad we won’t get to see more of her creativity.
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  14. Words escape me - Cherry was a wonderful human being and her growth as an artist since Drag Race was wonderful to witness... I truly believed she was destined for a triumphant All Stars run.
    It's devastating that we'll never get to hear that infectious and cartoonish cackle come through that entryway ever again.
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  15. This is just so sad. I'm utterly shocked. RIP Cherry/George, a beautiful soul.
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  16. This. She made Ru laugh and came across as really likeable.
  17. That’s such tragic news to hear. Cherry was nothing short of adorable and very loveable, so so sad to hear of this loss.
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  18. Such awful news about Cherry. She seems like such a lovely, kind, funny person, and an amazing performer - her set on the UK tour completely blew me away. I think it was my highlight of the night.
  19. Sam


    Devastating. She seemed so lovely and was such a warm presence on Season 2.
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