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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I literally started following Cherry on IG just before I went to bed last night, as I was shocked I didn’t already do so and figured it would be exciting to follow them ahead of their inevitable return to an All Stars season.

    What an absolutely devastating loss. Not only an incredibly talented artist and performer, but also seemingly a fantastic person too. Deeply sad news.
  2. Cheddar, Danny and Peppa were all amazing. I am a huge Cheddar fan but I have to agree her BBC look did not do it for me.

    Peppa stole episode 1 with all her looks being flawless and stunning.
  3. I literally would've put any of the safe queens bar Pixie in the top over Starlet. It was... a piece of fabric and a corset.
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  4. Starlet seems sweet but she’s definitely going next week isn’t she.
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  5. 2014

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    Le Fil and Pixie would have been a deserving alternate bottom 2, but yeah there was no way May was surviving 1 week dd.
  6. BTG


    Le Fil’s second look was great? Her Pudsey was one of the worst though ddd
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  7. I wish they had just had Michelle say she has never seen the Two Soups sketch (one of the greatest sketches in TV history) and cannot judge Copper's look, because every time she talked about it, and made a face when Graham said he liked it, made me want to reach through my screen.
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  8. “The character stayed the same all the way through” - yeah no shit she was on the runway for like 20 seconds, what do you want, Hamlet?
  9. It is such a shame a lot us of feel the same way as you and we are frustrated that a judge is delivering unfair comments/critics based on not understanding anything about the UK and one of the greatest ever TV moments. Copper's look was spot on and delivered brilliantly. I got the reference immediately and all I could hear was Julie Walters voice. TV gold.

    Copper did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. There were a few others who should have been in her place. I hope this set back does not get into her head and make her over think everything or doubt her choices.

    I think going forward I will record the episodes and then I can fast forward the Michelle bits.

    I see next week's episode will feature Cathy Dennis. Lets hope Girl Group week is an all out UK affair with the girls being helped along by Cathy and writing a verse for one of her songs. I hope the queens do not have to perform to yet another awful RU song.
  10. Yeah, I actually think May could have scraped by being bottom 2 this week, but there's no way she'd have kept up in a Girl Groups challenge next week.
  11. Baby is giving me Alexandra Burke and I love it.

    Copper Top didn't deserve bottom 3 but she could have been much cleverer with her runway presentation of the Soups to sell the whole sketch (come down take order, walk back, do a basic reveal with her back to the judges that shows the plates when she turns round for example).

    Superb cast, and obvious weak link out first.

    Excited for the season, but gosh that's gut punching about Cherry. Just horrible news.
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  12. Such awful news about Cherry Valentine. Just devastating. Cherry had such a warm and fun presence, someone you wanted to get to know and root for. They were someone that I would’ve loved to have seen more from. My thoughts are with their family and loved ones.
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  13. I just took it completely as gospel that Cherry would appear on a future All Stars. SO sad.
  14. I know everyone hates Michelle but she looked GORGEOUS in the first episode. Honestly, stunning.

    And absolutely awful news about Cherry. Such a warm personality gone too soon.
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  15. BTG


    I’m here today to say I think I stan Dakota. The way she spent the entire episode looking afraid of her own shadow before stomping all over the runway during the lip sync with her big hat. The way she completely misread Ru’s question about how her outfit represented her drag aesthetic and started muttering away about Anya Taylor-Joy. The way she’s giving University Challenge contestant during the confessionals. Yes.
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  16. 2014

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    I'm still not over Peppa's entrance - yas!!
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  17. My husband went on a date with Just May years ago and said he was insufferable.

    I really like this cast. Some really strong queens and a good range of styles, it feels like it will be a good season.

    Adore Peppa, Baby, Sminty and Dakota (though I had to do a double take because I swore it was Shon Faye in the confessionals!)

    I would love to see Michelle shut the fuck up. Why does she always think she has an authority on understanding UK references?? She was on TOWIE and Strictly but always acts like she knows and grew up with these references. She did not!! It’s so irksome.
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  18. I’m sorta devastated at Cherry’s passing. Always felt a bit underrated, even in a stacked season. I’ll miss her artistry.
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  20. This is Peppa's season to lose but I cannot fathom the idea of Cheddar being treated as filler, I imagine it's going to come down to the two of them in the finale. And a casual reminder that Bimini was in the bottom the first week of S2, so I wouldn't count Dakota out just yet.
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