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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Le Fil isn’t getting enough screentime for me teebs
  2. I screamed when Triple Threat were depressed and commiserating and Starlet was congratulating herself despite being the worst one tjdnfndjsjdbsbsb
  3. And somehow still more professional than The Saturdays on a morning chat show
  4. This may be the first series of Drag Race UK where I've agreed with Ru's elimination choices... a rarity x
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  5. the first ever dead pan death drop? I am obsessed.
  6. I actually really loved Starlet. Her low energy, give us nothing girl approach to absolutely everything was camp and I could have watched ten weeks of her. Bring her back and crown her.
  7. I kind of get how you shouldn't win the girlgroup challenge when you were part of the clear worst girlgroup, to be honest. And she was very vocal about how glad she was to not have been cast as a part of the other group.

    Le Fil could've won solo but I think the whole second group overall was very entertaining, even if a bit messy.
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  8. They should have waited a week and done 5v5, having 6 on the team definitely made it a little harder to stay in formation.
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  9. It was messy by design. I thoroughly enjoyed it
  10. It was fun but I don’t think I understood 50% of the lyrics. Six badges… I’m not sure six badges have been earned.

    I actually think the best verse was potentially Sminty’s, just a shame she only fancied lipsyncing half of it.
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  11. My main takeaway from last night is that they clearly don't give these queens enough time to rehearse.
  12. Was there an “in memory of Cherry Valentine” montage at any point on the episode that I didn’t notice?
  13. Just a pic at the very end.
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  14. A&E


    London Records checking the Hormonally Yours booklets:
  15. I can’t stop saying under my voice:

    Draglexa play get out of my way by Kylie Monique
  16. Truly one of the best entrance lines ever. She will be missed, but...deserved to go.

    I adore Baby and want the world for her (and totally understand why she was so upset), but the emotion in the werkroom was not a good look. (I do, however, think this would have been a perfect time to subvert the show's own tropes and have Ru name her the winner DESPITE being on the losing team. And IMAGINE if they had picked the "worst" from the winners to take her place...the DRAMA! Sigh).

    I agree re: Danny's annoying narration...she hasn't crossed the line for me yet, but she's fucking dancing (badly) right on the edge of it. (I'd also like to push his fringe up under that hat, but...that's just me).

    Honestly though, I'm already enjoying this season so much compared to other recent shows. We're now at a point where I'll be so sad when Copper Topp leaves, and then won't know who goes next!
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  17. Danny in the confessionals is giving me…The Vivienne.
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  18. I could listen to Cheddar just talk forever
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  19. BTG


    That episode was literally full of iconic moments. Starlet’s utter delusion and lack of energy, Baby thinking she was being respectful by not saying what she really thought when it was clear as day what she really thought, About You Know, FKA Twigs and her bizarre slow clap for Peppa, Dakota being Dakota… I lived.


    Also Copper is lucky her group was safe because that verse was weak.
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  20. I'm gonna miss Starlet, my anaemic princess <3

    What an enigmatic two-episode arc though, not everyone has that! [​IMG]
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